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How to create a student-friendly kitchen

Dingy digs are a thing of the past. Expectations are high. And if you rent out student accommodation you’ll no doubt be busy using the summer months to carry out repairs and renovations in readiness for the new student year.

Want to know one of the best places to focus your efforts?

The kitchen.

Pot noodle territory or not, the kitchen is the unmistakable hub of any student home.

Make smart, cost-effective changes here and not only will you keep maintenance bills down, but you can also be confident your property will stay at the top of viewing lists.

Here’s how to achieve a student-friendly kitchen…


What every student kitchen needs


·      The basics

Set out for uni and, in most cases, students will have…well…nothing!

Although it’s not common practice to provide crockery, pans and utensils it can be a smart idea. By providing the appropriate ‘tools for the job’ as it were, you’ll protect your kitchen from damage and set your property apart from others.


·      Chopping boards and protective mats

If you don’t want to go as far as providing pots and pans, then how about a few simple ‘extras’ instead?

Chopping boards, trivets and protective mats are worktop lifesavers. If they’re not there, they won’t be used – so provide them! For the sake of minimal expense, it’s well worth the purchase to protect your kitchen surfaces from hot pans, scratches and food stains.


·      Plenty of storage

With only a bedroom to call their own, students don’t want to take up valuable personal space with boxes of cornflakes and tins of soup. Which is why any student kitchen worth its salt should provide plenty of storage space.

Maximise all areas by fitting wall cupboards as well as base units to ensure there’s enough room for everyone to store their food and belongings.


·      Lockable cupboards

If you’ve thought through your kitchen design to include as much cupboard space as possible, it’s worth going the extra mile and providing lockable cupboards too.

No one wants to fall out over food, so keeping personal supplies separate, and safe from fellow students’ midnight munchies, is a great way to ensure a happy home that stays fully let.


·      A big fridge

Many students prefer to work within their own shopping budget and buy food individually. This leaves the shared fridge needing to house multiple fresh staples – milk, butter…beer!

Don’t scrimp on space. It’s important to provide a fridge that offers enough chilled storage for all tenants – ideally a shelf per person, so items don’t get mixed up.


·      A decent freezer

We don’t like to generalise, but few students are known for their culinary skills or for planning in advance what might be for dinner. Which is why so many mealtimes default to frozen food. It’s cheap, easy and won’t go past its best for ages.

Some properties try to get away with an icebox, but that’s nowhere near enough space for a hungry household. If your student accommodation offers a decent freezer, it’s sure to be looked on more favourably.


·      Durable surfaces

It can be tempting to always pick the cheapest option when it comes to kitting out student accommodation. Meaning the idea of fitting a granite or quartz worktop might seem a bit bonkers – but it’s not!

Buy cheap – such as a laminate surface – and one misplaced hot pan or failure to use the chopping board and your surface will be irreparably damaged.

The sensible option? Opt for a durable hardwearing solid kitchen worktop such as quartz. Yes, the initial outlay is more but it is far better placed to endure the heavy-handed nature and partying lifestyle of students.


Talk to the experts

At The Marble Store, we offer high-quality surfaces and great value prices.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective worktop for student accommodation, you’re in the right place.

Shop our collection now, or for more advice talk to a member of the team. Not only are our solid surfaces ideal for withstanding the rigours of student life, but they also look great. Giving your property the edge in terms of style and functionality.

What’s more, we offer a fantastic turnaround. New worktops can be fitted within 10 days of templating, giving you plenty of time to have your student kitchen ready and raring for the start of the new term.

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