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How to create the right ambience in your kitchen

Creating the right ambience in a kitchen is as important as having all the appliances, fixtures and fittings in the right places. But what exactly do you need to do to instill a room with the desired atmosphere?

All aspects of your design contribute to your kitchen’s character. But it’s the finishing touches that really make a room sing. By choosing the right lighting and worktop design, you can bring the best out of your kitchen.

Lighting plays a huge role in the way a room ends up feeling. Typically, in kitchens – in addition to maximising natural light – designers recommend fitting a combination of three types of lighting:

  • Ambient – for the general light levels in a room.
  • Feature – used to highlight or illuminate specific architectural qualities in a room.
  • Task – fitted above food preparation areas to provide clear light to work by.

Worktops are another key element in a kitchen’s character. There are many styles of worktop available but most are made from either granite or quartz – granite is a naturally occurring material, whereas quartz worktops are man-made from crushed granite set in a resin.

With the help of a vast array of granite and quartz worktops, creating the perfect ambience in your kitchen is easier today than it has ever been. Stone Italiana for example – one of the one of the many companies manufacturing quartz – offers a choice of 59 different colours and finishes.

The beauty of quartz worktops is that they need not break the bank; you can achieve the look you want with well-made cheap worktops in a range of finishes. Stone Italiana’s TuttiFrutti finish, for instance, lends itself perfectly to creating a cheerful, fun atmosphere. The basic off-white background carries tiny pale-grey and larger flecks of multiple colours, including flecks of yellow, red, green, blue and brown. This, of course, will not only add a contrasting touch to darker wood or black furnishings, it will also easily compliment glossy white panels without creating a cold, sterile look.

stone italiana chili stone

For a warmer ambience, the Luce Viva, a red finish with a sand-like texture and tiny sparkling flecks, will provide the perfect accompaniment to a kitchen with light wooden furniture. Again, adding glass panels of a complimentary colour – glass panels are available in a broad range of RAL and Dulux colours, making it easy to match them perfectly to worktops and other fittings – will enhance the overall effect.

For more details about Stone Italiana quartz worktops, call us on 0208 216 2041 or use our contact form here.

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