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How to fall back in love with your kitchen

February is the month of love. But does your kitchen still cut it?

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, and let’s face it we’ve never spent quite so much time in our kitchens before – so if you’ve lost the liking for yours, you’re not your own. After months of strict rules and lockdown restrictions, this once simple space has morphed into the office, classroom, gym – even the dance floor – so it’s no wonder you’re sick of the sight of it!

But the good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to salvage the situation – and it doesn’t have to mean parting company with your current model, spending loads of money or creating heaps of mess and upheaval.

Sound tempting? Here the kitchen experts from The Marble Store take a look at some of the simple steps you can take to help rekindle your kitchen romance.


6 easy ways to re-spark the romance


  1. Clean

How long is it since your kitchen had a proper deep clean? Can you even remember the last time? With no visitors allowed, many of us are guilty of letting standards slip a little, but if your kitchen has started to feel a bit grubby round the edges, it certainly won’t be looking its best.


A thorough cleanse – and we’re talking emptying the cupboards out, bottoming the oven and microwave, wiping under every item on the worksurface – will not only rejuvenate the space, it will also eliminate any dodgy odours and restore sparkle and shine.


  1. De-clutter

If you’re in the throes of cleaning out your cupboards, take the opportunity to de-clutter while you’re there. We’ll guess you’ll find all manner of out-of-date tins and unused culinary gadgets lurking at the back. Get rid and free up space.

By doing this not only will you make it easier to access the things that you do use but it also means you’ll gain storage. So you can pop a few items from your worksurfaces out of sight, making the area feel more modern and spacious….do you really need your food processor constantly on the side?


  1. Move things about

Ok, so we don’t want to cause confusion when you wake up bleary-eyed and start trying to brew coffee in the toaster, but sometimes it is good to mix things up. Simple things such as changing where things sit on your worktops can re-energise the space and give the room a new lease of life.


  1. Create atmosphere

If your kitchen has been used for home schooling or you’ve been perched at the breakfast bar for the last 11 months trying to work from home, then it’s important to be able to see your kitchen in a different light – literally!

By adding a few cleverly placed lamps or fitting new decorative ceiling lights (ideally with a dimmer switch), you can control the lighting levels and create an entirely new atmosphere. So once work for the day is done, lower the lights and switch on the lamps, to help you to relax and snap out of work mode.

Not convinced that will do the trick? Then if you don’t already have one, another idea is to place a radio into the kitchen too, so you can switch on your favourite tunes and chill out while you cook.


  1. Paint

Are you struggling to justify the expense of a new kitchen? Do your kitchen cabinets still have plenty of life in them but they’re just no longer what you’d choose? Fashions move on, but one way to keep up and re-invent your kitchen space is to paint your cupboard doors.

Wood is ideal for this, but most cabinets can be given a makeover provided the surface is properly prepared. Beware, the process can be lengthy and there are no shortcuts, but the effort can completely revamp the space and provide you with years’ more pleasure from your kitchen.


  1. Change your worktops

Painting not for you? The easiest, and perhaps one of the most effective ways to truly revive your kitchen, is to replace the worktops. If the surfaces you have are old, damaged, the wrong colour or simply just no longer what you’d choose – change them!

Worksurfaces are the crowning glory in any kitchen and can really make or break the feel of the room. There are endless options on the market from popular wooden and quartz worktops, to the timeless classics of granite and marble. The choice of finishes and colour are endless and you’re sure to find something that’s the perfect match for your space.


Fall back in love today!

Is it time to save your relationship with your kitchen? Then order your new worktops today.

Here at the Marble Store, we offer a fantastic collection of high-quality quartz, granite and marble worktops. With a speedy quotation service (within 4 hours!) and templating and fitting done within 10 days, you could be swooning over your new kitchen worktops in no time at all.

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