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How to increase the value of your kitchen

Everyone wants value for money, but with growing concerns about the rising cost of living, getting extra bang for your buck is more important than ever.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or just want to future-proof your kitchen design, making smart changes here can help to add value to your property.

Wondering what those changes are?

Here the team at The Marble Store share all…


Get energy efficient

Energy-efficient appliances are a must in any modern kitchen.

Choosing appliances that use the least amount of power will reduce energy bills, boosting your kitchen’s green credentials – and its appeal to prospective buyers.

Look out for products graded ‘A’, as this is the most economical rating. And try to avoid G – the least efficient.


Create a seating area

Kitchens are no longer just for cooking. We put numerous (and varied!) demands on the space, so creating a designated seating area can help to make the space more adaptive.

Island units are perfect for this. Not only do they make a kitchen feel bigger, but they offer additional storage and worktop space.

Kitchen-come-dinner-come-office-come-bar – one room, multiple uses. Sounds like value for money to us!

And if you don’t have room for a full island unit, there are alternative options. A peninsula or small breakfast bar can work just as well.


Be sneaky with storage

You can never have enough storage, right?! So, making sure your kitchen has plenty on offer is an easy way to increase its appeal – and its value!

With more storage you can free up the worktop, making your kitchen look less cluttered and more attractive.

Make use of every available nook and cranny. By this we mean, adding wall units or – if you’re worried that will feel too boxed in – open shelving. It’s also important to organise internal storage with things such as drawer organisers, shelving and corner pull-outs, as this helps to maximise capacity.


Plan your flooring

The kitchen is typically a busy, high-traffic area of the home. Spills are a given, so investing in hard-wearing, waterproof flooring is essential.

The key here is to go for flooring that looks good but doesn’t pull too much attention away from the rest of your kitchen. It should complement rather than compete with your design, so something like a light wood effect flooring can work well.


Keep it neutral

Change your mind like the weather? Wary of putting off prospective buyers with too much ‘personality’ in your kitchen? Then greys, creams, and whites are ideal.

Sticking with these colourways will not only enhance the feeling of space and light but also offer a neutral – and crucially changeable – canvas.

Introduce colour with your appliances, soft furnishings, or a feature wall, rather than with your worktops, flooring or cabinet choices and it’s easy to recreate your kitchen look whenever the mood takes you.


Let there be light

No one wants a dark gloomy kitchen and illuminating key working areas is essential.

But lighting isn’t just about practicality. It’s also an effective way to change the mood of the space and showcase the full beauty of your kitchen.

The options are endless – ceiling spots, statement pendant lights, lamps, interior cabinet, undercabinet and plinth lighting are all options worth exploring.


Get tech-savvy

Technology is constantly evolving and a kitchen that can keep pace is sure to add value to your home. But don’t get carried away by the latest snazzy kitchen features.

For real value, you need to shop smart.

Invest in universally useful kitchen tech rather than niche attractions. For example, a coffee machine might sound like a cool idea but according to YouGov data, one in three Britons don’t drink any coffee at all! So even the fanciest of coffee machines isn’t going to impress everyone – it may even work against you, devaluing your kitchen.

Instead, opt for features like boiling water taps, eco-efficient dishwashers and self-cleaning ovens, which are more likely to appeal to everyone.


Change your worktops

One of the easiest ways to revamp your kitchen and add value to your home? Change your worktops.

Quick, simple, and a sure-fire way to update and transform the space.

To enjoy long-term benefits go for a durable solid surface, such as marble, granite or quartz, as these hold their value – and look great!

For maximum return on your investment, if you’re planning to sell, it pays to keep your choices simple here too – sticking to natural colourways and simple patterns.


Start adding value now with The Marble Store

Here at the Marble Store, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality kitchen worktops at competitive prices. Shopping with us you can always be confident of excellent value for money.

Want to find out more about how to maximise the value of your kitchen? Then why not talk to the team? Or if you’ve already heard enough, take a look at the gorgeous range of marble, granite, and quartz worktops we have available now and get in touch for a personalised quote.


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