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How to keep your kitchen worktops looking brand new

Your kitchen worktop is an investment. So keeping it in tiptop condition is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Following these simple maintenance tips should keep your investment looking its best and doing its job for many years to come.

Read the Instructions

granite worktops

Worktops regardless of the material always come with instructions on how to care for them. It would be wise to read them carefully from the beginning to make sure you understand how to care for them.

Some worktops come with special care instructions to make sure they are installed and maintained properly. Should you happen to buy some natural stone surface—such as granite worktops—with no attached instructions, your installer should be able to give them to you.

Reading the manual and following what is stated inside is a sure way of keeping your worktop in great shape for a long time.

Avoid using strong and abrasive cleaners

granite worktops

Abrasive cleaners will do more harm than good to your kitchen worktop. Although they will clean the surface nicely, they will tend to damage or remove the sealant or coating that is protecting your worktop.

Once this sealant is removed, your worktop will be prone to stains, water, and oil damage. It will also be prone to bacterial build up, especially natural stone surfaces like granite worktops, which is not ideal when it is used to prepare food.

Avoid using acidic cleaners and the like and be sure to use only soft rags to wipe them clean. Never use scrubbing pads or steel wool for cleaning. If you have to use chemical cleaners, make sure they are the ones recommended for your specific worktop type.

Be careful with the hot kitchen items

granite worktops

Laminates, solid surfaces, recycled paper, and wood are materials that are not too fond of heat.  Accidental exposure to heat from hot pots or pans can cause permanent damage to their surfaces.

Granite, quartz, stainless steel, and tiles tend to fair better, but care should still be observed. If you must put a hot surface on your kitchen worktops, it is a good idea to use a trivet to make sure the hot surface does not come into direct contact with your kitchen surface. Doing so will help prevent cracking from sudden expansion or ugly discolourations that are difficult to remove.

Natural stones and concrete should be regularly sealed

granite worktops

Marble, slate, sandstone, concrete, and granite worktops are some of the kitchen worktop materials that need special sealing to prevent damages from water, oil, and other liquids that may accidentally spill on them.   Wood and bamboo are also prone to these damages and must be sealed as well.

The sealing process must be done from the moment of installation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended frequency for applying sealants, and your kitchen worktop will keep looking brand new for the longest time.

Summing up

Keeping your kitchen worktops in great shape is just a matter of taking good care of it. So read up on that manual, supplement with these tips, and you are on your way to a great-looking worktop for many many years.

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