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How To Maintain Your Quartz Worktops


One of the most practical features that Quartz worktops could offer is that they are extremely low maintenance, which basically means you don’t need to do much when caring for them. When you purchase Quartz counters, you don’t really have to fuss about re-sealing them for about every few years like you should do with other natural stones such as Granite.

Quartz is also remarkably non-porous, so it won’t leave stains in case you spill something on it. It might be an amazing stone material but there are still some essential things you should always keep in mind when caring for your Quartz worktops.


Here are some few tips to maintain their ethereal beauty:

•Avoid using harsh and rough cleaning tools that may eventually damage your counter’s surface. The tools you must avoid are rough scrubbing pads and steel wool.

•Under no circumstances should you put extremely hot objects directly on your Quartz worktops. Use hot pads underneath your pots or pans at all time, in order to avoid damaging the surface of your worktop.

•Only use warm water with a soft dishcloth and some dish soap for regular or for everyday cleaning.

•For more stubborn marks and tough areas with some caked-on food, you could always use a gentle cleaner. Just be sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals that could damage and impair the value of the surface.


Quartz is truly a sturdy stone material and it has a lot of really good advantages in its engineered design that are not usually found on other natural stones. Moreover, you can now pick a dozen more stunning patterns and colours for your Quartz surface, which wasn’t always the case when it first started out.

So if you want to acquire an undeniably elegant worktop that’s so easy to maintain, and can resistant scratches, as well as tough stains– then switch to Quartz now!

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