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How to maximise kitchen space this Christmas

Christmas, with all its gifts, tinsel, treats and visitors, can have a huge impact on space in the home. Making things feel nearly as stuffed as stockings on Christmas morning.

But whilst a lack of room can be frustrating, we’ll bet there’s no way you’re turning away guests this year, whittling down the gift list or sacrificing any decorations. Christmas 2021 is on!

What you need instead, is to work out how to make the space you have work to your advantage…starting with the kitchen.

Here the experts at the Marble Store reveal how…


·         Use your island

If your island doesn’t incorporate a seating area it can be easy to overlook it as an ‘overflow’ option when entertaining. But if you’re short on table space there’s no reason it can’t be used – or any other area of worktop for that matter.

Simply pick up a few cheap bar stools, lay a table setting and voila, you have a new seating area.

Our top tip here is to only put stools out as you need them. If it’s not a space usually used as a seating area there’s unlikely to be a recess for the seats to tuck under and they could become a trip hazard – and make the area feel crowded. So remember to only put stools in position when you’re ready to sit down and eat, and pop them out of the way as soon as you’re done.


·        Add in a breakfast bar

Unused space, awkward area? How about adding a thin length of worktop to create a breakfast bar?

If the area is too snug to perch at, it can still be used as an extra work surface. Perfect for food prep, storing drinks or piling up the dirty dishes after dinner!


·        Declutter

If your work surfaces are laden with appliances, utensils, ornaments and cookbooks, not only do you limit the area you have available to work in but you also make things feel cluttered. This can make your kitchen appear much smaller than it really is.

To fix it, move unused or unrequired items out of the way and start freeing up space.


·        Add shelves

Rather than enclosing a space as wall cupboards can, open shelves offer you the advantage of more storage whilst keeping the kitchen feeling open and spacious.


·        Get smart with storage

Gone into overdrive with the festive food shop? Are the kitchen cupboards bursting at the seams? Don’t leave shopping clogging up the work surface, try instead to find alternative places to store things.

Could your bulk purchase of mulled wine and fizz be kept in the garage? Or those bumper boxes of chocolates be stashed under your bed? Not only will this give you more room to play with in the kitchen, it will keep people from snaffling supplies before the big day.


·        Use light

Dark spaces feel small and less welcoming. Lighten the mood, open space up and create a cosy festive feel with your lighting. You could invest in under cupboard lighting, cleverly position a few lamps or even use a few twinkly fairy lights – it is Christmas after all.


·        Opt for a lighter worktop

Another great way to increase the feeling of space is to opt for a light worktop. Or if you’re drawn to dark surfaces, something with a hint of sparkle to help reflect light and lift the space.

Replacement worktops don’t have to be a big outlay or headache. In fact, with the Marble Store, you can go from templating to fitted in less than 10 days.


The best bit about these space-enhancing tips? They’re not just for Christmas!

They will work a treat all year round – birthdays, summer parties, family get-togethers, you name it – helping you make the most of your kitchen area.

Why not take a look at the collection of worktops we have available here at The Marble Store? You’ll find everything from simple yet striking Moon White and White Shimmer with its frosted, bright white surface through to darker options such as the popular Star Galaxy with its golden and silver mirror-like flecks.

With prices and options to suit all budgets and preferences, shop the collection now. Or to talk to a member of the team about more ways you can use worktops to enhance your kitchen space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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