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How To Properly Measure Kitchen Counters


Measuring your current kitchen counters can help you acquire a correct quote to help you recognize and get a better idea on how much your new kitchen counters would cost.

First, start by drafting out the layout of all your kitchen counters. Included on these designs are the positions of anything that is fixed into the counter, such as cook tops and sinks.

Do this as much to scale as possible. The ideal thing to do is to draw it seamlessly to scale with the use of graph paper, but the most essential thing to take note is the measurements you will do in step 2. Now, if you don’t have some graph paper, go ahead and utilize a blank sheet of paper, so long as you could draw the entire layout.

Secondly, with the use of measuring tape, measure the following:

i. The distance between your wall and the edge of your kitchen counters

ii. The length and width of each counter area and write it down on a piece of paper

iii. The length and width of any attachments (such as stove or sink or)

Remember to add any extra dimensions to your measurements if you are planning on extending your kitchen counters. Also, if you intend to transform your kitchen island into a mini bar, this is the perfect time to do it.

Furthermore, if your counter extends into any nearby window, or if you would like to add some pieces of the worktop slab onto your window sills, since it’s much better at keeping away water than wood, then please take note of those additional measurements as well.

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