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How To Recognize Top Quality Kitchen Worktop Installers


Granite, Marble, and Quartz; these three surfaces are incredibly beautiful, but that’s not the only reason why they are considered the most preferred worktop materials to go for. After all, being recognized as a distributor of high quality product is not a mere opinion.

Quality is something you have a control over when choosing a specific contractor or company to accomplish the fitting and installation. You’ll probably be surprised at the number of installers and manufacturers who don’t know the fundamental principles of top quality kitchen worktops.

Now the big question is, how can someone tell the difference between a truly extraordinary worktop installation over an average one? Here are some things you should consider for when checking or researching a potential installer’s previous work.

Are the worktops appropriately installed? Marble and Granite are especially thick, so precise installation process should be done in order for the surface to stay properly in place. A layer of silicone on the surface of the cabinet should be evenly spread out to keep a stone worktop down. Installing natural stone surfaces on top of cabinets with a mere epoxy or liquid nails is definitely an overkill, and when removal is needed to be done, it can be really nasty. Absolutely not a sign of a satisfactory craftsmanship!

How about the way the sink was installed? Accuracy in mounting sinks to stone worktops is an absolute work of precision and science. Here’s a tip: various spots of glue around the bowl rim show substandard workmanship, so you should be careful of that. You need to reattach the bowl (with a help of a professional, of course) in the near future if it is poorly mounted, if you don’t want problems to occur.

Are the worktops balanced? Skilled and experienced installers know the deviation amongst a flat worktop and an evenly balanced one. Top quality kitchen worktops should be well balanced and levelled before further work is continued.

You must remember that outstanding installers can make low quality kitchen worktops look elegantly decent, and a bad installer can make top quality kitchen worktops look atrocious. Choose wisely.

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