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How to survive a kitchen redesign

Planning a new kitchen?

Exciting times – but we’ll guess there’s a big part of you that’s also dreading the upheaval.

Branded as the heart of a home, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. So, the prospect of it becoming a ‘no-go’ zone can be hugely daunting.

The trick is not to panic.

Yes, renovating your kitchen is an inconvenience (and we won’t lie, it’s a big one!) but it is absolutely worth it. And – armed with a few helpful tips – it is totally doable.

Follow our handy hints, to ensure the road to your new kitchen runs as smoothly as possible.


#1 Fight or flight

First things first, you need to decide if you’re going to stay at home while the work is being carried out.

A kitchen renovation can take anywhere from 3 – 12 weeks to complete, which may make staying at a nearby hotel unfeasible. But if you plan to flee the mess and bunk up with friends or relatives, make sure you’re realistic (and honest) with your host about the potential length of your stay to help avoid any strained relationships.


#2 Create a make-shift kitchen

If you’re sitting things out, you’re going to need to create an alternative space to prepare food.

Clear a corner in another room – somewhere it’s going to be as out of the way as possible – and set up the kettle, toaster, and microwave so you’ve got your basics covered.

If you can, borrow or rent a mini fridge, as having somewhere to store essentials like milk and butter will help to make life easier.


#3 Keep things handy

Packing away your kitchen takes time, but it’s worth doing a thorough job. Label boxes clearly, so if you discover you need anything you can find it without too much hassle.

That said, be mindful that you don’t pack everything away. Keep a few basics to hand, such as a chopping board, knife, tea towel, salt and pepper, tin opener, bottle opener etc. Also, put aside a set of crockery for each person in your house – so if you’re a family of 4, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs…you get the idea.

And if you don’t function without your morning brew it’s also worth keeping items like teabags and coffee to hand too.


#4 Make a snack stash

Everything is worse when you’re hungry so don’t run the risk of a ‘hangry’ outburst. Instead, keep a stash of stacks to hand – biccies, crisps, fruit etc, so you can grab reinforcements when you need them most.


#5 Plan your meals

If you don’t want to bump up the expense of a new kitchen with a whopping bill for restaurant dining and takeaways, then it pays to plan your meals.

Think about what’s going to be doable and make friends with the microwave. ‘Ping’ meals can be tasty and relatively nutritious these days, so plan – and shop – ahead to make sure you’ve got something yummy to tuck into.


#6 Take it outside

If your kitchen renovations are taking place over the summer, lucky you – you can fire up the barbie! Making cooking wholesome food much easier and tasking the mess outside.

Just remember not to pack away the BBQ utensils!


#7 Make your peace with the mess

There’s no point kidding yourself that ripping out your kitchen isn’t going to create mess (and noise!) and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

We don’t want to sound all doom and gloom but it’s important to be realistic.

You will find yourself popping to put the kettle on only to remember the kettle’s no longer there – and there’s no sink!

You will find dust on every surface that you touch. And you will feel like you’re living in a building site. But try to embrace it. It will also be short-lived and there’s no point fighting against it.

Put a positive spin on things. Enjoy the fact that there’s little point in dusting the rest of the house, and that you’ve got an excuse not to spend hours toiling over a hot stove.

And if it all threatens to get too much, get out of the house. Take a walk or treat yourself to that meal out and try to focus on the bigger picture.


#8 Keep your goals in sight

No pain, no gain.

In a few weeks’ time this will all be a distant memory. Try to stay focused on the beautiful new kitchen you’re creating and the many years of enjoyment it will bring you versus the few weeks of hassle and aggravation you’re suffering now. It will all be worth it, we promise!


#9 Avoid unnecessary delays

If anything is guaranteed to cause frustration, it’s unnecessary delays in getting things straight.

The best way to avoid this happening is to make sure you’ve made as many decisions as possible in advance. Dithering over cupboard doors, where your oven is going to sit and what colour worktops you’re going to have are all decisions that can – and should – be made in advance of starting your project.


Order worktops today from the Marble Store

Choosing worktops is only half of the battle to keep your kitchen renovation on track.

To ensure a precise fit, surfaces should only be ordered once the shell of the kitchen is in place. The good news is, here at the Marble Store, we don’t believe you should be kept waiting and offer a speedy turnaround – aiming to fit worktops within 10 days from the date we template.

Keep your kitchen project on the move. Browse our range of quartz, granite and marble worktops now and for a quote, or to request a sample, get in touch with the team.


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