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How You Should Maintain Various Kitchen Worktops



Regardless if you spent a few hundred or a few thousand on your new kitchen worktops, you most certainly don’t want to purchase another batch in the near future. The best way to avoid having to undergo such extreme money spending is by knowing how to properly maintain them.

Another brilliant tip is to make sure that you select the right kind of kitchen worktops that would fit your everyday living. Whether you are still planning what worktops to get for your very first home, or if you already have some fresh kitchen worktops to install, here are some helpful tips to guide your way:


• Granite: This specific material needs to be resealed on a regular basis. How often you may ask? Well that depends on how much you use your kitchen, but a good estimate would probably be once a year.

You would also be able to tell if it needs re-sealing. Just remember to never use any harsh and toxic chemicals as well as abrasive cleaners on your granite kitchen worktops.


• Laminate: Laminate is an ultimately durable and affordable option when it comes to kitchen worktops. They are extremely easy to maintain as long as you do not put hot pans or cut on the surface. It is also a great idea to not use any abrasive cleansers on a laminate worktop.

Quartz Worktop

• Quartz: Unlike Granite, Quartz kitchen worktops do not require resealing. They are also very easy to clean; just use a mild soap and some water! Always take care when using hot pots and pans, as Quartz worktops are not that heat tolerant. It’s best to utilize a trivet in order to keep hot pans up from the surface.


• Solid Surface: Though these kitchen worktops can really resist tough stains and bacteria, they are still vulnerable to scratches and are not as resistant to heat as some other worktops are.

Nevertheless, you can always use a mild abrasive cleaner on them. Also, they do not need any regular upkeep procedures once bought. Each type of kitchen worktops has their own specific maintenance specifications, as well. If you have wood, tile, or some other materials not included in this list, we can certainly advise you on how to best take care of them for years to come.

Visit our Advice page to know more tips on how to care for your precious worktops!

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