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Interesting Facts About Quartz Worktops



There really is nothing more beautiful than a sleek worktop that excels on looks, as well as function. That is why Quartz worktop deliver an ageless and unaltered beauty to various home settings. By blending in natural materials and rich colours into the design, you can produce a sense of depth and dimension.

When neutral colours are being utilised as the base colour palette, you can easily modify your modest abode into a modern indoor sanctuary that offers tranquillity and comfort.

Quartz, also known as the ‘engineered stone’, is an elegant, robust, and sleek worktop that has superior hygienic attributes. Because quality Quartz worktops are made to be highly non-porous; harmful germs and awful stains won’t get left behind after you clean the surface.



Here are some of the many factors why you should switch to quality Quartz worktops now:

Superbly Low Maintenance: Worktop surfaces should still be fine-looking whilst being low maintenance. Unlike some of the popular natural stone worktops such as Marble and Granite, Quartz only needs minimal maintenance. Aside from cleaning it daily with the use of any gentle household detergent, no further upkeep method is needed.

Scratch Resistance: High quality worktops are tough enough to keep up with everyday usage. The scratch resistant feature of Quartz worktop allows it to preserve its sleekness and polished finish, even after using it for so many years. Nevertheless, just like any other important units in your kitchen, be sure not to expose them to extreme amount of heat.

Stain Resistance: The superior quality of the entire production process when making this worktop guarantees that they are extremely non-porous, so you can be rest assured that this worktop material is highly resilient to different stains, even the stubborn ones .

Extreme Durability: Engineered stones are exceedingly robust, and yet they are substantially more flexible than natural stone materials such as granite, which means they are less susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Quartz Worktops

Additional tip: If you ever want to achieve that extra bit of sparkle after cleaning your Quartz worktops, spray some window cleaner on the surface and simply wipe it off with a paper towel. This simple hack will also lessen the amount of dust on the surface. (You could also visit our Advice page to learn more tips)

Lastly, one of the main reasons why home owners opt for Quartz rather than purchasing natural stone materials (Granite and Marble) is because they are more porous, which is why they need to be resealed every once in a while in order to maintain their function as a worktop. With Quartz, you do not have to deal with that.

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