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Introducing Okite: A Material Unparalleled in Strength and Durability

Okite Worktops

Kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces are required to be hard-wearing and hygienic. For this reason, many of the worktops are made of composite materials. One of these materials is Okite, which is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Made by Seiffe Srl in Italy, Okite worktops, tiles, etc consist of around 93 per cent of high-quality quartz and seven per cent of a special resin. The slabs are normally manufactured in 13, 20 and 30 mm thicknesses and measure 1400 mm by 3060 mm (55.12 in by 120.47 in), but can be customised to fit any given project.

The absorption rate of Okite is as little as 0.022 per cent, making these relatively cheap worktops extremely moisture and stain resistant and highly hygienic, as bacteria can not penetrate the material and thrive. In comparison, the absorption rate of granite, the closest rate available, is between 0.2 and one per cent.

Tests on the environmental, mechanical and physical properties of this material by independent sources proved that the durability and strength of Okite are unparalleled. This composite is, as a matter of fact, harder and more chip, crack and stain resistant than marble, granite or any other quarried stone. Only topaz, sapphire and diamond are known to be stronger than this composite, which is also more flexible than other materials.

In addition, worktops made from this material are also highly heat resistant and will remain undamaged even if exposed to normal cooking temperatures. These qualities, combined with a stylish range of 30 textures and colours, make Okite perfect for kitchen and bathroom counters or vanity tops; reception areas in hotels and institutions; floor tiles, treads and risers; cladding and partitions.

Available in colours ranging from pure white and varying textures in creams, greys, blues and browns to pure black, this material will not only enhance the look of any given application and add long-lasting value to any residential or commercial setting; it also requires very little maintenance. It does not require sealing or polishing, and its natural sheen can be maintained with nothing but the occasional wipe over.

Let The Marble Store tour you with the varying Okite colours we have available. Call us at 0800 652 2013 / 0208 216 2051 so you can get started with your next home project.

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