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Introducing the CaesarStone range of worktops

caesarstone worktop

It is the timeless, hard wearing quality of quartz, combined with the seemingly endless palette of colour and texture options available, which ensures it is the material of choice for kitchen worktops for homeowners pick time and time again.

In addition to suiting the style and colour scheme of almost every home, quartz worktops provides almost maintenance free, long lasting elegance at affordable prices.

Consisting predominantly of quartz particles, resin and pigments, these comparatively cheap worktops come from a wide selection of suppliers, one of which is CaesarStone.

Globally recognised for the simplified processes used in the fabrication and installation of beautifully engineered quartz worktops, CaesarStone offer a host of cost-effective solutions for worktops. These solutions include thinner, weight-saving slabs of material, as well as larger sections to prevent excessive need for joints.

Research and development teams, in co-operation with designers, are continually adding new, cutting-edge colours and designs inspiring functional, yet creative applications and influencing trends around the world.

The colour range readily available in the UK includes a series of whites (Pure, Blizzard and Organic); creams (Ivory, Osprey, Misty Carrara, Buttermilk, Nougat and Quartz Reflections);  beiges and browns (Desert Limestone, Latte, Cashmere and Chiltern; Sand Desert, Ginger and Mink; Oyster, Caramel, Mosaic Rich Brown and Coffee Bean) –  as well as greys and blacks (Dusty Stones, Raven, Titanium, Ebony Reflections, Mosaic Bold Black, Obsidian Black, Black Rocks and Jet Black).

Textures range from a very fine, almost sandy appearance to the bold effect created by large rock and/or pebble fragments in the two Mosaic Bold finishes. Naturally, this range lends itself perfectly to both contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs.

The creams, beiges and browns, for example, work extremely well with a palette of wood furnishings, while the blacks and greys obviously add wonderful contrasts to the startling white fittings of a hyper-modern design. The whites will look stunning with black or various darker colours.

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