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Is a kitchen extension a good idea?

Need more space? Contemplating the pros and cons of an extension?

Then creating a bigger kitchen could be just the ticket.

As one of the most used rooms in a home, the kitchen is where it’s at if you’re looking to increase the usability, attractiveness, and value of your property. So if you’re after a quick answer to whether a kitchen extension is a good idea, that’s easy – yes!

Want to know more about why a kitchen extension comes highly recommended? Then keep reading…


Why extend your kitchen?

Increasing kitchen size is preferable to extending any other room. Making changes here can:

·         Increase property value

Cooking, eating, socialising, relaxing, working –  the kitchen’s not nicknamed ‘the heart of the home’ for nothing. Which is why it’s this area that attracts the most attention when it comes to valuing property.

A kitchen that offers an attractive, spacious, and sociable space will help to secure a more lucrative sale should you ever wish to move. Although, get your kitchen extension right, and it’s likely you’ll want to stay put!


·         Enhance usability

Frustrated by a lack of space or a poor design? Then even the smallest of extensions could give you more flexibility in terms of layout and the location of appliances.

With additional room, you could add in an island unit – bridging the gap between the existing kitchen and new space – or create a return to increase worktop space and open into a new dining or living area.

If that sounds ambitious, don’t worry. Even a small run of worktop and an extra cupboard or two can make a huge impact on the look and practicality of the space.


·         Support more family time

More often than not the kitchen is the social hub of the home. The one place where all generations get together. But if your family has grown, it’s likely your current kitchen will have struggled to keep up, leaving you feeling cramped and struggling for both space and storage.

With a kitchen extension, you’ll gain the extra space you need to accommodate all the family!


·         Be less expensive than moving

If you’ve been feeling unhappy with your kitchen, moving can appear very tempting. But not only is this the more expensive option, it’s also far more stressful.

In a poll of 1,000 home buyers, 57% of people surveyed ranked moving house as the most stressful life event experienced. So why not take the easier route to contentment and extend your kitchen instead?

Simpler, cheaper, and more likely to bring contentment, thanks to the fact that an extension is under your control. And, with the benefit of living in and using the space, you’ll have a better understanding of exactly what it is that needs to change to create your dream kitchen.

How much does the average kitchen extension cost?

According to Checkatrade, the average UK kitchen extension will cost anywhere between £1,250 – £2,500 per square metre depending on the design and specifications.

If costs are the main concern holding you back, there are ways to keep the expense down.


How to save money:

·         Set a budget

And stick to it! Be honest with yourself. Take time to work out what you can afford and how much you’re willing to spend.


·         Plan ahead

Think about design and layout. Not only can this help to save you money in the long run, but it will focus the project, avoid delays, and ultimately keep costs down.


·         Get hands-on

A great way to save money is to do as much as you can yourself. This can really reduce expenses, but you need to exercise caution. There’s a big difference between ripping out your old kitchen or digging foundations and attempting to do the wiring. Know your limits – and stay safe!


·         Don’t replace your current kitchen

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to fully replace your kitchen – you don’t.

Instead, bridge the gap between old and new and avoid the expense of an entirely new kitchen. You can do this by embracing different looks using contrasting units and worktops. Not only is this a look that’s completely on trend, it’s also a great way to define areas (and a big help if you can’t find an exact match).


·         Shop savvy

As part of your planning, look ahead to what you’re going to need. Source tradespeople who come highly recommended but be sure to get several quotes for any work so you can compare prices and have wiggle room for the best deal.

And when it comes to kitchen fixtures and fittings, it’s crucial to shop around for the best deals.


Mistakes to avoid

The main error to avoid is going too big. Think sensibly about how much space you really need – a side return of just 1.5m can make an impressive impact and dramatically increase space.

Staying small may also mean you don’t require planning permission, which will help to swerve another expense.

It’s also important to stay on theme with your property. Build an extension that fits in with the current look and feel of your home and won’t look like a random add-on from outside or upset the neighbours!


Extend your kitchen with the Marble Store

With the Marble Store, not only can you be confident of kitchen worktops of exceptional quality, but also of great prices.

Offering one of the largest collections of natural stone worktops in the UK, we specialise in designing and manufacturing worktops to fit any space.

So whether you’re completely overhauling your kitchen and want new worktops throughout, looking for something to match in, or keen to create a contrast, with our great range of quartz, granite and marble worktops, we can help ensure that your kitchen extension looks great.

Shop worktops now or for help and advice on making the right choice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.


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