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Kashmir White granite


Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White granite, an organic Eurasian stone with a medium-to-fine grain, dates back to the Precambrian period and is mostly quarried in India. Prepared slabs are either processed there or exported to be processed in China. This finish represents one of the most unaffected and lightest shades of granite and is often regarded as the truest white available in granite.

Obviously, shades will vary slightly between slabs, as is the case with all natural stones. The overall appearance, however, is that of a darkish winter white to very pale grey stone embedded with medium to very small berry coloured, crimson or maroon pieces referred to as garnets. Occasionally, a grey to almost black mottling effect will form a striated pattern on the stone, too. Essentially, no two slabs are the same, and the colouring can even vary slightly within a single slab. This guarantees that every single application will have a totally unique look.

Kashmir White granite worktops are available in 50, 30 and 20 mm thicknesses and look as excellent when providing contrast to glossy black kitchen furniture as they do when combined with white units and stainless steel to create a sleek, bright look. The reddish-brown flecks also ensure this material mingles particularly well with cherry wood or mahogany cabinets. In other words, Kashmir White Granite lends itself perfectly to be used in any setting and for any application, whether it is in the home in the shape of vanity or counter tops, splash backs or tiling, or within commercial settings such as deli counters or reception desks.

While this material naturally has all the hard-wearing qualities of granite in general, the light colouring does mean it requires a little more maintenance than darker stones. Exposure to excessive cold, heat or moisture should be avoided, as these conditions may damage the seal and leave unsightly marks. It is also essential to mop up any spills immediately, as Kashmir White does tend to hold colour readily. Unlike other granites, this particular finish may require resealing at shorter intervals, with the process being required as often as every six to eight months if it is exposed to heavy use.

As a whole, however, with a little care and regular maintenance, these worktops will add magnificent elegance and value to homes or commercial premises of any kind and keep their stunningly-beautiful shine for many years. Call us now on 0208 216 2051 or contact us here.

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