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Kitchen design trends for 2021

So then, what is it this year? Lose weight, get fit, try more new recipes, read more books?

It’s all a bit silly really, isn’t it? Why should the first of January be any different to the beginning of any other new month – or any new day, come to think of it? But, every year, January heralds the start of new (often rather ambitious!) pledges to make self-improvements.

This year though, things are slightly different.

How so? Well, after months of adjusting to ‘new normals’ and heavy lockdown restrictions, our homes have become even more central to our existence. As the place where we do everything – work, rest and play – it seems our resolution focus has switched. And for 2021 it’s all about pledges to improve to our property, rather than ourselves (phew!).


Top home resolutions in 2021

Decorate the lounge, renovate the loft, sort the garden and – our favourite – transform the kitchen, are all top of the hit list of things to achieve this year. And we’ll bet they have a much better success rate than the more traditional choices!

Our kitchens have never worked harder, so if you’ve decided this is the year to treat yourself to a new one or to revamp the area, great idea! It’s a fantastic resolution and one that our team, here at The Marble Store, can help you to easily achieve.

Let’s start by taking a look at the trends taking the kitchen world by storm in 2021…


2021 kitchen trends


– Clever designs

We demand a huge amount from our kitchen space – now more than ever. And it seems that after a year of using this area as much more than just a place to prepare food, we now expect even more from it.

Clever, innovative designs that incorporate discreet, hidden appliances and smart storage to help us declutter, are expected to feature heavily in 2021 as we look to really maximise space and create multifunctional areas.


 – Islands

Why have one island when you can have two? Yes, double islands really are a thing for 2021!

We already know just how useful an island unit can be in a kitchen (check out our blog ‘why you need an island unit). But, if you have space, the move this year is to opt for two! The on-trend look is to join these two areas (creating a bridge) with a contrasting worktop in either a different material or colour, to create a real statement.


– Two-toned

Sticking with the theme of contrasting surfaces, this isn’t reserved for those with dual island units. More and more people are opting to mix up their kitchen worktops in a bid to really personalise space. For example, use light marble worktops contrasted with dark granite or pick two different cabinet finishes – the design possibilities are endless!


– Dark worktops

As the popularity of two-toned kitchens continues to grow, it is giving rise to an increased focus on dark work surfaces.

Dark worktops can be offset with lighter furniture and walls so the look can work in any kitchen space regardless of size. Statement shades such a black and grey can actually make a room feel homely and inviting – especially if you opt for a worktop which includes slight sparkle such as Star Galaxy granite. Pair with wood and a variety of textures for a warm, rustic charm.


– Pendant lighting

It seems we’re bored of the traditional kitchen spotlights and looking for more decorative ways to add light, making pendant lighting a strong focus for kitchens this year.

Feature lighting looks great over islands but can work equally well over worktops too. Try clustering lights together at varying heights and have fun experimenting.


– Simplicity

Free-flowing, multitasking space. That’s the ticket for 2021. And handleless kitchens are a big part of this. Technological advances in push-open and close doors mean that these streamlined designs are set to feature heavily in this year’s contemporary kitchen designs.


– Calming colour schemes

Whilst dark colours look to remain popular for cabinets and worktops, choices for surrounding furniture items and wall coverings are favouring a more serene tone.

Painting walls – and cabinets – is a quick and low-cost way of giving your kitchen a new lease of life.


– Red cabinets

Wildly contrasting the movement towards calmer surrounding shades (or perhaps because of!), red is predicted to be one of the most popular cabinet colour choices of 2021!

It’s a bold move, so we’d recommend pairing with a light work surface to avoid making the area too oppressive.


Ready to update your kitchen worksurface for 2021?

Whether you’re looking to rip out your kitchen and start again or need to keep costs low and just want to replace your worktops, the Marble Store are here to help.

With a fantastic range of granite, marble and quartz surfaces to choose from, and fast efficient service, you could get your goals for 2021 off to a flying start.

View the range online now or get in touch with the team – we’d love to hear from you!



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