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Why you need an island unit in your kitchen

With many holidays to sunnier isles cancelled this year, why not put a 2020 twist on island treats and consider investing in one for your kitchen instead?

Ok, so we realise that’s not the same thing AT ALL (and you certainly won’t get a suntan!) – but it is definitely worth considering.

A summer of lockdown has resulted in many of us spending more time in our kitchens – cooking, working, teaching – and with the possibility of winter being much the same, sprucing up your kitchen space could be money well spent. What’s more, thanks to the huge range of worktops at The Marble Store, it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. Meaning you’ll still have plenty of pennies left in the bank for next year’s vacation!

A little more tempted now? Read on to discover why an island unit makes a fantastic investment.


What can an island unit offer?

Extra worktop space – short on worktop space for prepping or serving meals? An island unit is a great way to add extra work surface to your kitchen, dramatically increasing the worktop area you have available and, more often than not, making your kitchen feel bigger too.

Storage – a new island not only creates additional worktop space, it can also house more storage. Kitchen units are often used for drawers, shelving, wine racks and extra cupboard space.

Additional seating – need a place to perch? Build an overhang of worktop into the design of your island unit, add a couple of bar stools and, voila, the perfect place to eat breakfast, sit with your laptop to catch up on emails or serve those holiday cocktails you missed out on.

Room breaks – open plan living is highly desirable but, whilst there are many attractions to this modern layout, it is often useful to create natural breaks between rooms too. This can be done subtly by carefully positioning your sofa or dining room table but using an island unit is a good idea too. Establishing a natural-looking boundary to mark out your cooking zone from the living or dining area.

Safety – a cleverly positioned island can help you to control the flow of traffic in your kitchen. Creating a barrier and steering people away from busy or dangerous areas, such as an open hob or hot cooker.

A new look – bored with your kitchen? It’s likely that if your kitchen still has plenty of life in it, bored or not, you can’t justify the expense of a full replacement. So instead opt for an island unit. This is a great opportunity to make a real design statement. Introduce new colours and materials to totally transform the look of your kitchen space – without the cost and upheaval of a whole new kitchen.


Islands come in all shapes and sizes

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea of an island unit thinking you don’t have enough room.

Long and slim, small and compact or big enough to house appliances – including the kitchen sink! Islands can be designed to fit almost any space and, thanks to our skilled team here at the Marble Store, we can manufacture, fabricate, and fit worktops to your exact requirements.

We can curve edges for smooth lines and a better flow or keep it sharp with perfectly angled corners, the choice is yours.


Things to remember

– Don’t worry about matching it in with the rest of your worktops. On the contrary – embrace the contrast. When it comes to islands it’s a great idea to opt for something completely different. If you currently have wooden worktops, a central island of sparkling granite could look really striking. Or perhaps you have a laminate worktop but have always hankered after a deep veined marble. Well now is your chance.

– Don’t overestimate the space you have. It’s essential to leave enough room to move around properly and access the other areas of your kitchen.


Find your new island worktop today

If you’re in any doubt about the right worktop for your island unit talk to our team of experts, here at the Marble Store. We have a vast range of granite, marble and quartz worktops available and are always happy to offer advice on choosing the right stone for you.

Call us today on 0800 652 2013, email [email protected] or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you. We offer a fast turnaround from templating to fitting – so you could be enjoying cocktails around your island unit sooner than you think.



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