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Is it time to spring clean your kitchen?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve done pretty much everything except sleep in our kitchens (although we won’t rule that out completely – especially if you’ve had some particularly looooong Zoom meetings!). Add to this the reduced threat of a spot check from the mother-in-law, or any impending visitors, and we’re probably all guilty of letting standards slip.

But spring is finally here – bringing with it new hope and the very real promise of welcoming guests in the not too distant future. So, if you’ve let cleaning fall way down the priority list, now is the perfect time to take action…before everyone gets to see your dirty secrets!


Why spring clean?

Even without the added pressure of lockdown, the kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home, making it a prime target for a build-up of dirt and debris.
A proper spring clean is a great opportunity to regain order, de-clutter and even avoid waste (yes, there will definitely be something you’ve forgotten about lurking at the back of a cupboard!).


Cleaning checklist

So you know you need to spring clean, but where do you start? The kitchen experts at the Marble Store have pulled together a handy cleaning checklist – so you can make sure nothing gets missed.

Before you start:

Plan – the last thing you want to do is empty everything out onto your kitchen floor and then run out of time to sort it out. So it’s important to schedule the task in properly – and don’t underestimate how long it might take! Why not set aside a weekend, the Easter bank holiday would be perfect.

Tunes – first things first, you’re going to need a few motivational tunes to power you through, so find your faves and turn that stereo up!

Stock up – you don’t want to get elbow deep and realise you’ve run out of cleaning products or bin bags. So check your supplies and get well stocked up in readiness.

Tidy up – yes, we know that’s what you’re planning on doing but it’s important to tidy everything away before you even start. That means emptying the dishwasher and putting any dishes that have been left to dry on the worktop away.

• Get bags or boxes at the ready – it’s a good idea to have designated bags or boxes so you can keep things organised while you sort out – one for anything suitable to donate either to charity or a food bank and one for items that need destroying (the tin of chicken soup circa 1990).


On with the hard work…

• Start at the top – the best course of action is to start at the top. And we mean the very top! Grab some steps and carefully wipe the top of all the wall units. You’ll be amazed – and horrified – at just how much grime is lurking up there!

• One cupboard at a time – don’t overwhelm yourself. Tackle one cupboard at a time that way if you have to stop and do something else you’re not leaving the kitchen in a real mess.

Start by lifting everything out and wiping out the cupboard, then dust off each item before you put it back in. Take time to check dates and put things with a shorter shelf life, or that you use most, near the front. Once everything is back in, clean down the front of the door and wipe the handle. Yay – one cupboard done!

• Use glass cleaner – if you’ve any glass display cabinets use a proper glass cleaner, inside and out, for a real shine. If these cupboards contain glassware for ‘guests only’ it’s likely they’ve a full layer of dust over them, so remove and wash thoroughly before returning.

• Drawers – we all have an ‘odds and sods’ drawer. Random pens (none of which probably work), bits of string, loose change, you know the drill. But left unchecked for too long and these drawers can get out of control.

Take everything out, wipe it down and then only put back what is needed – and works! Try using drawer organisers to help keep things neat and visible.

• Target appliances – once the cupboards are done next on the hit list are the appliances. Big and little, they will all benefit from a good cleanout. So we’re talking the cooker, the fridge, the hob, the exploded beans inside the microwave, even the toaster.

• Worktops – laptops, paperwork, food, we leave all sorts lying around on our worktops so how often does it get a really thorough clean? To do this properly you need to strip everything back to leave a completely bare surface. With all obstacles removed, wipe over everywhere using warm soapy water – and don’t forget your splashbacks.

Before you put any items back, give them a good clean too and think twice about whether you really need them out. Could the utensil pot be emptied and items put in a drawer? A less crowded work surface not only makes your kitchen look clean and smart – it helps it to stay that way too.

• Wash kitchen linen – aprons, tea towels, oven gloves, stick them all in the wash and give them a good clean. It’s worth looking at your kitchen curtains too, and if they’re washable pop them in the machine as they can harbour all kinds of cooking smells.


Still not spring fresh?

Sometimes even the most enthusiastic of cleaning, buffing and tidying still doesn’t cut it. Which means it might be time to consider replacing your worktops to breathe new life into your kitchen.
At the Marble Store we offer a fantastic range of granite, marble and quartz worksurfaces to choose from, and with our fast efficient service, your kitchen could be revived and ready for spring sooner than you think (and without all the elbow grease!).

View the range online now or get in touch with the team to find out more about our services.



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