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Kitchen trends for 2023

Looking to make a few home improvements in 2023?

Is updating the kitchen top of your list?

As one of the most used rooms in the house, it’s a great place to start. But if you’re not in the market for a complete refurb, how do you keep pace with the trends and update your space without spending a fortune?

It’s easier than you might think – and the best place to start is by identifying exactly what the top kitchen trends of 2023 are.

Here, The Marble Store takes a closer look at what’s hot in the kitchen for the year ahead.


Predicted kitchen trends for 2023


Keeping it real

This is one trend we’re particularly excited about – using more natural stone!

Always popular, large stone slabs look set to rule the kitchen in 2023. The likes of marble or granite are perfect for this and can be used from floor to ceiling. Run from worktops through to upstands and backsplashes, or create waterfall edges flowing down from your island unit – there are no limits!

With natural stone, every marking is unique, allowing you to create a truly exclusive look. The great news about this craze is that changing your worktop doesn’t have to mean forking out for a completely new kitchen. Simply replace your surfaces to stay bang on trend and avoid the expense of a full refurb.

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Mixed materials

Want to keep costs down even further? Just replace one worktop run, or switch up the surface used for your island unit or breakfast bar.

Worried this might look out of place? Don’t be – this year it’s all about mixing things up.

Colours, textures, materials – you can really let your creative side loose without the fear of getting it wrong. Try using a solid quartz worktop next to the delicate veining of marble. Or introduce wooden elements with open shelving or a new breakfast bar. You could even consider replacing your flooring with stone tiles or wood.

And when it comes to fixtures and fittings, if you can’t decide between stainless steel, a brushed or satin finish, brass or bronze – use them all. Mixed metals are where it’s at for 2023.


Cupboards are so 2022!

OK, so that’s not strictly true – but in ’23 the focus is on drawer space.

The good news here is you don’t need to start ripping out your kitchen. Thanks to standard unit sizes, you can often replace a cupboard with an alternative storage option, so why not switch out a few of your cabinets for drawer units instead? Bang on trend and even better for maximising storage.

Is your kitchen model no longer in production? No problem – opt for something completely different, instead! It might sound a bit odd, but actually, a different unit front will only serve to make more of a feature of your drawers. With mixing and matching materials all the rage, you’ll be nailing more than one kitchen trend for 2023 in one go!



Durable kitchens capable of withstanding the test of time, sourced from sustainable materials that can easily be recycled, are definitely taking prominence this year.

Meaning natural materials such as marble, granite, and wood will feature highly. So will composite surfaces – like quartz – which usually contain recycled elements, making them a more eco-friendly choice.

There’s also an increased focus on energy efficiency in the kitchen, with smart power-saving appliances, alongside clever layouts designed to make recycling an integral part of everyday life.


Blues and greens

Shades of grey have long been a kitchen favourite, and so it continues, but this year there are a few other colours vying for attention – blue and green.

Incorporating the ‘it’ colour into your kitchen is a great (and easy!) way to turn up the tempo and nail current fashions.

There are several ways you can do this. Firstly, get your paint brushes out and paint a feature wall or your kitchen cupboards (painted cabinetry is another key look for kitchens in 2023).

Another great idea is to replace your worktops (check out boss blue granite and Nilestone quartz in emerald green).

Or, if you’re not sure how well you’ll get along with green or blue, take a more subtle approach. Introduce lampshades, tea towels, kitchen accessories etc in your chosen shade to nod to the trend without overpowering.

The bonus of rich blues and greens is that they are classic colourways. They may be on trend right now, but they have a more classic feel and are unlikely to date quickly – phew!


Painted cabinetry

Painting your cupboards is the ‘thing’ to do in 2023. Promising to keep costs down and…if we’re honest…endure more than just the next 12 months, it’s a great way to give those tired old cupboard fronts a new lease of life.

Opt for one of this year’s contemporary shades and you’re on to a winner.


Hidden electrics

It seems that in 2023 we’re over seeing ungainly plug sockets. Instead, there’s a move towards ‘pop-up’ electrics. Sockets that rise from the worktops when required and sit flush (and hidden) within the surface, when not in use.

Smart, tidy, and efficient – what’s not to love?


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