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Know The Difference of Quartz and Quartzite

Quartz Countertops

A lot of people find quartz and quartzite a bit confusing since some think they are just the same although they are not. The difference between the two stones can easily be understood since quartzite is purely made by Mother Nature while quartz is man made. The two also have some similarities since the base material is the same.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed from 100 percent quartz sandstone through metamorphism. Basically, the quartz sandstone is placed into a massive amount of pressure and heat under the ground. The cause of this will create grains of quartz that will be compact tightly together. This stone can be found in most parts of the world and is formed naturally.


Quartz is made and engineered by men using a mixture of 90 percent ground quartz, 10 percent resin and some polymers and pigments. Once the mixture is combined, it will be placed in molds and will be heated to 300°F, which will help in developing a very resilient stone that is also etch-resistant and has a glass-like sheen to it.

Choosing Quartzite

If you are still having a hard time deciding on what stone to use for your next renovation, here are some reasons why you should consider quartzite:

  • Quartzite is harder than granite since the scale of its hardness is somewhere between 7 and 8 compared to granite that only measures between 6 and 6.5. Some experts even agree that quartzite can even cut glass because of its hardness.
  • Quartzite does not damaged and etched easily. So if you are looking for that marble look, but want that glossy look, this stone is for you.
  • This stone, especially the high-quality ones can be found in grey or white that contains faint veins and blemishes that make it perfect. Quartzites can also be found in rose or faintly red coloured stones because of iron oxide.

Choosing Quartz

Here are some reasons why you should also consider using quartz when it comes to choosing your kitchen worktops.

  • Quartz is more flexible since it is not as hard as quartzite. It also does not chip or dent as easily as other stones. It is safer and more reliable to use since it is engineered to be used for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The choices of colours and designs for quartz worktops are endless. Some quartz is also created to replicate how natural stone looks like. It can also be molded into different shapes.
  • It can easily be cleaned by just wiping it down, although when cleaning this worktop, better not use any abrasive cleaners on the surface to avoid damaging it.

What You Should Know About Quartzite

quartzite countertops

Here are some facts you should know before purchasing quartzite:

Where to buy it. Be very careful where you should buy quartzite stones since the demand for this stone is higher, there may be several lower quality stones that are now out in the market. Genuine quartzite because they are rare can be very expensive. Make sure to check if the stone is real quartzite before buying them.

Do they etch? Genuine quartzite does not etch. They also do not react to water or any acidic substances. If the stone creates etches, then you may have purchased lower quality quartzite. Before buying a couple of this stone, test a piece if it will etch.

Is it hard? Quartzite is naturally hard but is receptive to chipping and denting. Unlike quartz that is more flexible, quartzite needs to be sealed once or twice a year.

In some ways, though a lot of people choose quartz than quartzite. But if you want to use a stone that is naturally beautiful, then quartzite is the one for you. If you want to know our choices of quartz and quartzite, contact us here at The Marble Store or call us at 0208 216 2051 now.

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