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Labrador Antique granite

Labrador Antique Worktop

Anortositt, as Labrador Antique granite is known in geological terms, is quarried in Norway, where it was formed within the Earth’s fiery core between 920 and 1,000 million years ago. One of the hardest and most durable stones to be found anywhere, this material weathers at around 0.125 in every 1,000 years if used outdoors. Some Egyptian statues created from this material more than 3,000 years ago still have their original polished shine today.

This quality does, of course, make Labrador Antique perfect for heavy use in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial premises. Scratch and heat resistance, combined with low porosity, ensures that counter or vanity tops will last for years. The chocolate brown colouring interspersed with odd reflective blue flecks works especially well with oak or cream-coloured kitchen units. The unusual blue flecks add an exclusive touch to any application and, as every slab will be slightly different, unique looks are guaranteed.

Because this material is so hard wearing, it is also suitable for interior and exterior wall cladding, flooring, bath surrounds, splash backs and even for exterior water features. To put it in short, Labrador Antique granite is suitable wherever an exquisitely beautiful, hard wearing, lasting material is required.

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