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Learn The Truth Behind Every Granite Worktops


If you are planning to do kitchen renovations, your attention is most probably fixed on obtaining an all-new granite worktops because of its versatility and utter beauty.

This certain type of worktop is exceptionally unique, for no two designs are exactly the same even if they were carved out from the same slab of stone. Though Granite worktops have been really popular and preferred by most home owners for quite a long time now, there are still some things that people usually misunderstands about this material; especially on how to best take care of them.

Before you start dreaming and planning on getting some new granite worktops, here are some of the few things you should take into considerations:

a)Despite the known fact that you can actually chop vegetables on top of your granite worktops, it is still NOT advisable that you do so.

There’s a big chance that this can damage your kitchen knives. Bear in mind that Granite worktops are highly resistant to scratches and scrapes, but some forceful chopping could be too much for them to handle.

b)Granite stones are extremely strong and resilient, but they are NOT completely indestructible.

If you are to drop something heavy on your Granite worktops, chances are, it may probably cause some chip and scrapes on the surface. Moreover, under no circumstances should you stand directly on your worktops as they are not malleable, so it might create some cracks.

c)When you’re done installing your brand new Granite worktops, always ask about the proper sealing methods.

Usually, the sealing procedure will already be taken care of for you, but then again, you should still be familiar on how this method works , so you could be aware when you need to have them sealed again.

Do not hesitate to visit our Advice section to know more tips on how to effectively maintain your new and current worktops!

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