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Maintaining Your Kitchen Granite Worktops

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If you tell your friends or your loved ones that you are considering granite worktops to be integrated into your new kitchen design, you will probably have at least one person who will tell you their own horror story with regards to this particular worktop material.

But the truth is, granite worktops are extremely durable and it doesn’t take much maintenance to keep it looking great for a long period of time (which usually takes a lifetime). You don’t really need to treat it with such tedious and meticulous care routine, however, you do have to pay close attention and avoid doing some bad habits in order to keep up its natural look and top-notch function.

Here’s how you can properly maintain your granite worktops:

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The Cleaning Routine

It is wise to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your granite worktops, especially when you do this daily. The best method is to utilize a granite cleaning spray and be sure not to use ammonia, bleach, citrus cleaners, vinegar, soft creams, powder cleanser, and even bathroom cleansers. Even your regular dish soap cleaning is not entirely desirable, as it can build up over time. Using a specialized granite worktop cleaner is highly advised.


The Maintenance

Every few months or so, you should put a few drops of water on the most-used portion of your worktop to see if it easily soaks in or if it beads up. If it doesn’t bead up, then that means you should immediately re-apply the granite sealer. In reality, though, this is seldom needed. These days, the initial sealer that is being placed on high-quality granite worktops is virtually impenetrable.

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The Bad Habits

You should treat your granite worktops like how you would take care of your own personal belongings, which basically means you should take good care of it. Simply wipe up your spills and always remember to use coasters, hot pads, trivets, and cutting boards when preparing your daily meals.

While granite worktops can normally handle a bit of wear and tear, avoiding bad habits can go a long way and you won’t need to deal with mishaps in the kitchen. For instance, granite worktops can mostly handle a hot pan being placed on its surface, but thermal shocks can sometimes happen (on such rare occasions) and in cases like this, you’ll likely end up with a crack. That’s why it is best to not take any unnecessary risks.

Also, if you want your property to gain its value and be easy to market once you decide to sell it, then you should understand how to make clever improvements in your home. Granite worktops have been best-selling and pretty popular for a long time now, that it’s safe to say this improvement is not a short-term investment. Potential property buyers love seeing granite worktops and some are even willing to pay a bit extra for its durability, unique look, and easy maintenance.

So what are you waiting for? Opt for granite worktops now!

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