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Natural Stone and Quartz Worktops

Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Marble and granite, as well as quartz, are formed over millions of years under extreme pressure and heat. This provides these stones, from coloured or black granite to all colours and textures of marble, with an exceptional hardness, which is exceeded by few other materials.

After marble and granite used for the tiles and worktops companies offer their customers as an alternative to cheap worktops and tiles have been quarried in one of the world-wide, prime quality regions, the slabs are cut using state-of-the art specialist equipment, ensuring that every one of the marble or granite tiles and worktops sold is of the highest quality.

Quartz crystals are used in combination with other fragments, such as glass or pebbles, for instance, and resin to manufacture composite worktops, which are usually offered as quartz worktops. Composite worktops, as well as the corresponding quartz wall tiles, are even more hardwearing and hygienic than even the marble and granite worktops.

Non porous, moisture, stain and heat-resistant quartz worktops will last a lifetime with very little need for maintenance, as will quartz wall tiles. Granite or marble worktops and marble or granite tiles are equally designed to last for years with few maintenance requirements, although they may require re-sealing after a few years. In any case, quartz worktops and quartz wall tiles, marble tops and tiles, as well as granite tiles and worktops UK householders invest in will outlast cheap worktops by far.

Because marble, granite and compac worktops come in a vast array of colours, textures and finishes, it is just as possible to find a stone or composite worktop (quartz worktop) to fit in with any kitchen design and decor as it is to find matching cheap worktops. The main difference is that a stone or composite worktop (quartz worktop) will be totally unique and longer lasting than a cheaper one.

Black granite currently enjoys particular popularity, as the many finishes, ranging from pure black granite through pebble like finishes to glittering finishes such as Stargate Cosmos or Star Galaxy, blend extremely well with wood, glossy cabinets and chrome. Naturally, the same versatility can be achieved with a quartz worktop, or composite worktop.

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