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Natural Stone or Quartz Worktops are the Wise Choice


Black Granite Worktop

Most of the worktops people purchase today are manufactured from marble and granite, set off with matching marble or granite tiles. Black granite in particular is very popular, because this material has a warm lustre about it, which looks equally excellent combined with wood or with glossy white furniture and chrome fittings.

Composite alternatives, such as Technistone, Diresco and Quarella, are another highly popular choice. Composite, or engineered stone typically contain quartz and requires very little upkeep. Manufactured from crushed stone set in resin it is available in a huge range of beautiful styles and effects.

In addition to providing an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes in composite worktops, the process involved also makes quartz worktops and quartz wall tiles even harder than granite or marble worktops and marble or granite tiles, as well as rendering them totally non-porous.

The worktops UK consumers opt for today are, unlike the cheap worktops that were once so very popular, extremely hard wearing; chip, scratch and stain resistant, as well as being frost and heat resistant.

While it is necessary to use chopping boards, heat mats and other protective implements with cheap worktops, vegetables or meat may be cut directly on the surface of a black granite, marble or quartz worktop without the risk of scratches, and hot items can be placed onto a stone or composite worktop without leaving scorch marks.

Spills that would seep into and permanently stain cheap worktops, especially where liquids like vinegar or citric juices are concerned, are easily mopped off the sealed surface of a marble, granite or quartz worktop without leaving a mark.

While marble and granite will require re-sealing once in a while, something that applies to worktops and marble or granite tiles, composite stone (including okite worktops) retains its shining beauty for a lifetime with a minimum amount of maintenance. In short, a natural stone or composite worktop is the best and wisest choice a home owner can make.

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