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New kitchen worktop trends for 2022

For 2022, get set to see kitchens featuring even higher up the home improvement priority list. After 2 years of being hard hit as a multifunctional space – home office, school, dance floor, social hub, oh and don’t forget a place to cook dinner – they’ve been our lifesavers. But this has changed what we now want from them.

Yes, being practical is key but this year the focus is on blending kitchens with the rest of the home too. Making them an attractive extension to living space rather than just a place to prepare food.

The result? Kitchens that are functional and fashionable like never before.

And one of the biggest players in achieving the hottest kitchen looks of 2022? Worktops.

It’s true! Essential to any kitchen, the importance of worktops is frequently overlooked. But this year, they’re making their presence felt -with new textures, materials, colours and styles emerging to lead the way in creating the ultimate kitchen space.

Here surface experts, The Marble Store, take a closer look at this year’s hottest worktop trends.


5 key looks for 2022


1.    Coloured marble

Marble worktops are always a coveted choice. Neutral tones of white and grey feature in some of the most stylish kitchens. But there’s a whole rainbow of unexplored options – and why just stick with marble?

Opt for any solid work surface material and you’ll open up a world of colour from emerald greens and soft pinks to rich reds and vivid blues.


2.    Slab splashbacks

Go big or go home. That’s the motto for the 2022 kitchen splashback, with ‘slab’ splashbacks making an entrance.

Rather than a traditional tile effect or small upstands, the slab splashback is a large continuous solid surface used to make a stunning, sophisticated backdrop for your kitchen.

Slab splashbacks don’t just look the part, they’re extremely practical too, protecting more wall space. And with no tricky grout to clean, they’re easy to wipe over. Making them a great looking, low maintenance option.


3.    White with a difference

Coloured surfaces may be a strong feature this year but if you’re not sure how you feel about being too bold with shades, you’ll be relieved to hear white worktops are still set to continue as a firm favourite.

The 2022 twist on white though, is to opt for a white surface featuring a subtle pattern.

Marble is perfect for this with its natural veining adding depth, texture and interest. Take a look at White Carrara Gioia or the attractive Calacatta Colorado with its thin lines of beige, light grey, and hints of green-blue grey.

Or if you’re hankering after a granite surface, check out Sensa White Macaubas featuring beautiful soft grey seams running through the surface, or Bethel White with its distinctive flecked appearance.


4.    Rounded corners

In a bid to make kitchens a more fluid extension of the home, the focus this year is on rounded corners.

The trend has been visible for a number of years but is predicted to take pole position in the popularity stakes for 2022.

Softer curves not only enhance the flow of the space and draw you into the kitchen, they help to make it safer too. Ideal for homes with young children running about.


5.    3D Designs

Adding to the texture of kitchens, this year is likely to see an increase in demand for ribbed and scalloped surfaces.

This subtle detail adds an extra dimension to your kitchen design. Creating interest but in a stylishly understated, low-key way.


6.    Natural materials

As awareness of our impact on the natural environment increases, so too does the need to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

Opting for natural worksurfaces is a great way to achieve this. By investing in natural stone worktops such as marble and granite, not only are you reducing waste – with the right care these work surfaces can last a lifetime – but should you wish to change them, the stone can be reused. Unlike a surface such as laminate which would not only need replacing more frequently but is also harder to recycle.


What are you waiting for?

Whether you’re a slave to the latest fashion fads or prefer to define your own quirky style, at the Marble Store we have something for everyone. With a fantastic range of marble, granite and quartz worksurfaces to choose from, you’ll find everything you need with us.

What’s more, thanks to our speedy service – we aim to fit surfaces 7-10 days after templating – you could be enjoying your new-look 2022 kitchen sooner than you think.

Why not view the collection now and request your free quote today? Alternatively, to speak to a member of the team you can fill in our enquiry form, email [email protected]  or call us on 0800 470 3188.




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