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Quarella Worktops

Quarella Worktops

Quarella worktops come in two main categories; either quartz or marble-based products. As a rule, the marble variation is produced in blocks, whereas the quartz type is made in slabs because of the material’s extreme hardness.

Whichever base material is used, Quarella will consist of around 95 per cent of the natural stone, pigments and a minimal quantity of bonding resin. The actual properties of the finished material depend to a great deal on the base material used but in any case, the technical characteristics will exceed those of the natural stone by far.

Like all natural stone and resin compound materials, Quarella worktops are extremely scratch, chip and crack resistant. They also have an incredibly low absorption rate, meaning that spills are not likely to stain this material as they would normal stone tops.

The patterns and colours of Quarella worktops are determined by the actual size of the stone chips used, the various pigments added and the particular procedure implemented during mixing.

As it is, the results are beautiful and will grace the decor and style of any kitchen and/ or bathroom. It is, of course, possible to use Quarella worktops in many other settings. Their stain resistance does, however, make them particularly suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Caring for Quarella worktops is very easy. Essentially, all they require is a good wipe with a mild, preferably low pH cleaner, rinsing with fresh water and a dry. They do not require any special sealing or polishing at any time.

Their low absorption rate and high scratch resistance make it even possible to prepare food directly on the worktop without having to use a chopping board.

Spills should naturally be mopped up straight away, especially when highly acidic fluids, like citrus juices or vinegar, for example, have been spilled.

Quarella worktops are also highly resistant to extremely low and high temperatures, although in order to prevent damages; it is always advisable to use some sort of protective mat, rather than placing extremely hot pans straight onto the surface.

By following these few simple care rules, it is possible to preserve the attractive appearance of these tough worktops for years to come.

To summarise, Quarella worktops are extremely durable, strong and attractive, low maintenance additions to any setting; from residential kitchens or bathrooms to commercial or institutional settings like hospitals.

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