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Quartz Worktops Are Getting More Popular

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Although Granite has been the favourite of most home owners as their worktop for quite some time now, quartz worktops are getting more and more popular. According to a Houzz study made this year (2017), granite was rated 41% of the time and quartz having a very close rate with 40%. This may be due to the fact that quartz has an ever-growing variety of colours, designs, and patterns coming on the market.

Quartz surface materials are also increasing in popularity because today’s busy families opt to avoid the upkeep and maintenance needed with granite surfaces.

modern quartz

After all, Quartz do not need re-sealing like most granite products do. And although modern advances and upgrades have been made in order to improve the quality and offer a 15-year sealing for granite, the large population still believes that the sealing must be done annually. This far-flung, albeit inaccurate, belief is urging more interest towards quartz worktops.

Another reason for the developing trend toward quartz worktops is the desire for lighter-toned counters, in order to achieve that minimalist modern feel. Since most granite surfaces are dark by comparison, the light and neutral tones rendered by the quartz industry are more favourable to some home owners.

sleek quartz

As a matter of fact, the look of marble is particularly trendy these days, and quartz worktops that mimics marble surfaces are one of the hottest products at the moment. Naturally, quartz worktops can also be obtained in darker shades if that is your choice of hue. No matter the colour you choose, quartz worktops will still stand out.

Lastly, if you are looking to improve your home with the trendiest and hottest material in today’s market, definitely go with quartz worktops. This surface can seamlessly modernize your kitchen in an instant, which then adds to the value and marketability of your home.

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