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Replacement Kitchen Worktops – Does it Work?

Fed up of your kitchen? Looking to shake things up but conscious of keeping costs down? Then a replacement worktop could be the perfect solution.

A great way to overhaul your kitchen space, opting for a new work surface can give you the look and feel of a new kitchen without all the mess, inconvenience, and expense. But, here at the Marble Store, we understand that many people can initially have reservations about just replacing worktops, fearing being left with a mismatched, poorly fitting work surface and damaged cupboards. Well, not on our watch!

Let’s address the typical concerns surrounding changing worktops rather than opting for an entirely new kitchen and take a closer look at why you shouldn’t delay ordering a new kitchen work surface a moment longer…


Will new worktops make the rest of my kitchen look shabby?

There seems to be a real concern from customers that, if they simply swap their worktops, it will emphasise the need for the rest of the kitchen to be replaced. Not so. Updating worktops dramatically improves the look of kitchen space and – rather than highlighting ageing doors – gives them a new lease of life, drawing attention away from them and on to your fabulous new surface.

If you’re still unsure, or perhaps your doors are in a particularly poor state of repair, there is another easy and cost-effective solution – paint. By simply giving your kitchen doors a fresh lick of paint, you can enhance their appearance without having to start from scratch and replace the full unit. It’s also a great opportunity to totally revamp the look. You can touch up the shade that’s already in use or pick an entirely new colour scheme – visitors will think you’ve spent thousands on a whole new kitchen!


Will replacing worktops damage my existing units?

If a stained, dated worktop is making your whole kitchen look tired, just replacing this one element can transform the look but the last thing you want to do is harm your remaining units in the process. So the good news is that, no, replacing worktops should not cause any damage to existing fixtures and fittings.

It goes without saying though that care still needs to be taken and cupboard doors should be covered (dust sheets, plastic wrap or pieces of cardboard etc) to avoid scratching. It’s also important to assess the strength of your cupboards to check they can take the weight of your chosen new surface but, provided these few precautionary measures are taken, there is no need for concern.


Will it look right?

Kitchens are the heart and soul of most homes and need to look the part – the perfect place for cooking and entertaining. Picking the right quality surface is key, with granite, marble and quartz all offering impressive results. But the most important part of the process of replacing your worktops is the measuring. Getting this is right is essential. That’s why it’s advised to leave it to the experts – like our team here at the Marble Store. We will template for absolute accuracy and our experienced stonemasons will then cut your worktop with skilled precision.

And the finishing touch? Having your worktop fitted by a professional. This will offer further protection against damage and, thanks to our fitters’ vast experience and attention to detail, guarantees you’ll be more than happy with the finished look.

So, why not get in touch with the team today and see how we can help to transform your kitchen. You can call us on 0800 652 2013 / 0208 216 2051 or email [email protected] for advice or to request a quote.

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