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Replacement worktops – trick or treat?

Wondering if replacement worktops are really worth the investment?

Here at The Marble Store, we’re often faced with questions about the practicality of just replacing surfaces. Does it work? Is it worth it? Would it be better to wait until the whole kitchen needs redoing?

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of replacement worktops this Halloween – don’t be scared off by horror stories and misinformation. Instead, read on to separate the facts from the fiction once and for all and discover why changing your worktops is a freakishly good idea.




·         You can’t just replace worktops

First things first, let’s put this myth to bed. You 100% CAN replace worktops without forking out for a completely new kitchen.


·         It will make a mess

Okay, so any work in the kitchen is a pain, but simply swapping worktops is far more straightforward than a full refit.

Done by an experienced fitter it should be quick – creating minimal mess and disruption.


·         It will ruin your cupboards

One of the biggest fears with replacement worktops is that the process will damage your existing units – it won’t!

It goes without saying that care will need to be taken, but in most cases, one surface can simply be lifted off and replaced with another without causing any harm to the units below.

To protect cupboards, doors should be temporarily removed or covered with dust sheets or cardboard to avoid scratches.


·         Solid surfaces are too expensive

Think options like granite, marble and quartz are out of your budget? Source from a competitive supplier (like us!) and you could be pleasantly surprised.

And don’t forget to think long-term. Laminate may be a cheaper option right now, but it’s unlikely to last anywhere near as long – making a solid surface more cost-effective in the long run.


·         You have to stick to the same materials

Happy with the worktop on one side of the room but fed up with trying to hide stains and damaged patches on the other? The good news is, you don’t have to replace everything – and it doesn’t all need to be the same.

Mixing different materials, finishes, textures, and colours is bang on trend for kitchens. It’s also a great way to inject personality into the space – and save money!



·         It will add value to your home

A kitchen upgrade is estimated to add up to 10% to the value of a home. But that doesn’t mean you need to rip everything out and suffer the expense and upheaval of a full refit.

Simply replacing tired, dated, or damaged worktops can significantly reduce your outlay, whilst still increasing the asking price.


·         It will make your property more desirable

Looking to sell? Reluctant to invest time and energy into a kitchen you’re not going to be there to enjoy? Replacing worktops is a great compromise.

Minimal expense and effort but maximum impact. Enhancing the look of your home and helping to encourage prospective buyers over the threshold.


·         It will save you money

You wouldn’t buy a new car just because a tire needed changing, so why replace your full kitchen if you don’t need to?

Focusing on worktops will significantly reduce the financial burden of kitchen improvements. And if you shop around for competitive prices – like those on offer from The Marble Store – you’re guaranteed to be able to transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.


·         There’s loads of choice

When it comes to worktop colour there’s a whole world of choice. From classic creams, whites, and blacks, right through to vivid statement shades.

The colour and finish really impact the overall look and feel of kitchen space – so why not switch things up? Just because you had specific colour before doesn’t mean you need to stick with that now. Cupboard fronts usually sit well with multiple worktops colours, so go for a new shade and create a completely different look with just one simple switch.


·         It’s quick!

One of the biggest turn-offs for fitting a new kitchen is how long it can take – being without the kitchen sink, no oven, and living in chaos for weeks.

No such dread with replacement worktops. Not only does it involve minimal disruption and mess, but it’s also fast. And you could be enjoying a great looking kitchen in next to no time.


·         It will last

Upgrade your worktop to a solid surface like granite, marble or quartz and you can look forward to a worktop that’s hardwearing, durable, and easy to maintain.

Opt for one of these popular choices and you can rest easy that hot pans, spills, and even the most enthusiastic of pumpkin carving won’t leave a mark that results in you looking for yet another replacement in a matter of months – unlike wooden or laminate worktops.


Treat your kitchen to replacement worktops

With scarily good prices and fantastic quality surfaces, shop with The Marble Store you can be confident there’ll be no nasty surprises – just great quality worktops and excellent service.

View our collection of granite, marble and quartz worktops now or get in touch with the team to find out more.

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