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Resined Granite and The Issues Surrounding It

Resined Granite

Is resined granite material that comes from block processors good for the industry? Fabricators and homeowners may still not realize the implication of this new procedure. To explain the issue surrounding this procedure, some understanding should also be raised.

When most homeowners think of natural stone countertops, one of their main concerns is the colour change from the resin. While this may be acceptable for some homeowners, but the same colouring on the polished edge may not be acceptable for some. Differences between the face and the polished edge may produce difference in colour shading that it may look like two different materials when combined. Correcting this situation is still undergoing. Constant research has also been done to try different methods but ends ups with mixed results. As of this time, there is still no industry colour consistency standard for resined material.

The resin process itself and how the colour is affected is also another issue that should be addressed. These days, there are differences from slab to slab and how the resin is actually applied.

The correct way of how these slabs should be processed have been outlined by industry publications. According to them, the right way dry the slabs should be in an open-air environment. However, some industry suppliers choose to dry their materials in a controlled environment. The amount of resin that is applied will be removed in the final polishing and the amounts of build-up on the face will also be different. The inconsistencies in the application also become a problem for some since some do not understand if the procedure is being done correctly.

The long-term beauty and durability of granite may also have long term effects of resining. Questions arise if the materials that are stored by importers and fabricators outside have any effects that result from ultraviolet (UV) rays and if the colouring of the material change. Some are also questioning if the interaction with chemicals has long-term effects.

For many years now, most of those who sell stones are marketing their product as “natural” versus man-made solid surface products. The argument though is if their claim to be all natural when the application of resin is true. Do we really know what the definition of “natural” is?

The industry needs to create a clear understanding of what the standard and processes when it comes to the use of resin. The MIA is also in the position to make an effort in making the industry better and to make the industry strong. While there are a lot of benefits to raw material suppliers but as an industry, such issues should also be addressed and probably answer some of the questions raise in the usage of resin with natural products.

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