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Should You Go For Marble Worktops?


Marble is always a timeless choice when it comes to worktop surfaces, for it will definitely look good in just about any kitchen or bathroom setting. Its classic elegance and beauty is still unparalleled even after so many years. But the question still remains, is this high-maintenance material really ideal to incorporate in your home?

Marble is a stunning natural and metamorphic stone that can only be obtained in the rough regions of Asia, Europe, as well as in South and North America. One of Marble’s main advantages is that it comes in a wide range of sensational patterns, veins, and rich colours.


These superior types of worktops can be purchased in hues of pink, grey, yellow, green, black and of course, white; the most popular shade that almost all home owners want to have. Some marble worktops has subtle and delicate patterns on them, while others have dark, prominent veins. The asymmetrical outlines of the veins also adds visual aesthetic of the surface material, making it more attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

In spite of marble’s broad ranging colours, the simplicity of colour white is often the main choice when people purchase this worktop. It may be because white marble worktops adapt well in any home setting and can easily blend with different materials.


High quality marble worktops can also be obtained with a polished finish, as well as with a honed finish. It’s always a wise idea to visit some showrooms so you would be able to determine which pattern, finish, size, and colour would seamlessly suit your current home scheme.

Before you start hunting for this worktop, it’s worth mentioning that marble is one of the absorbent natural stones, which basically means it’s susceptible to discolouration. Even though it’s not as long-wearing as its cousins; high quality marble is still stronger than soapstone worktops.


Lastly, it has a low scratch rating so don’t be surprised if it scratches quite easily. On a bright side, quality marble worktops are highly sturdy and even resistant to heat. But of course, nothing beats its luxurious look, don’t you agree?

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