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Should You Seal Your Granite Worktops Or Not?

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When people pick out granite worktops to use for their homes and businesses, they usually wonder if it is really required to seal them off; and how frequent should they do it.

Though whether or not you seal off your granite worktops is completely up to your own personal liking, experts still advise having them sealed off from time to time. How often should that be? Again, that entirely depends on how you handle and maintain your worktops.

If you want to DIY your way to complete this task, you can certainly reseal the surface yourself. If you’re not too sure that you can accomplish it, better hire a professional contractor who knows how to do get the task done.


Since Granite worktops are naturally porous, uncleaned spills can surely be absorbed if they are left for a prolonged period of time. In terms of daily cleaning, it would be wise to utilize a microbial product that’s suitable to use on granite stones.

It is not hard to determine if your granite surfaces need another sealing. One easy technique is to simply swab some mineral oil or water on the worktop and observe if that area turns dark. If it does, then it shows that the surface is already absorbing the liquid.


On the other hand, if you can easily clear up all the fluids and don’t notice any significant changes of colour on the surface, it means you don’t necessarily have to seal your granite worktops just yet.

After resealing your granite worktops, observe whether or not the liquids are being repelled from the surface. Generally, if the sealant used had high-quality characteristic, you won’t need to seal them again for another year or so.

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