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Silestone Worktops

Silestone Worktops

By using Silestone worktops, homeowners can rest assured that their kitchen counters will be perfectly hygienic at all times because this quartz compound material is the only worktop with built-in anti-bacterial protection.

Silestone worktops consist of 94 per cent natural quartz, which makes them incredibly strong and durable. Silestone has an extremely high resistance to chips, cracks and stains. Its stain resistance is due to a very low, almost non-existent absorption rate.

Silestone worktops come in a vast range of different patterns and colours. These varying designs are created by using different sized chips of quartz and pigments to add colours. The results are incredibly attractive and are suitable for any type of kitchen and naturally bathroom decor.

The Silestone worktops can equally be used to create attractive counters in shops, hotel reception areas or any other setting. Their durability, strength and low maintenance do, in fact, make them perfect for use anywhere.

All the care that is required consists of a regular clean with a soft damp cloth and maybe a little pH neutral cleaning fluid. After rinsing, it simply has to be dried to look as shiny as new; year after year.

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