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Space saving hacks for small kitchens

Space a bit tight?

If you’re frustrated by a small kitchen and losing hope that there’s anything you can do to make it a more comfortable and workable space, relax, The Marble Store is here to help.

Whether it’s a kitchen in a cramped one-up-one-down, a small flat kitchenette or a family home with a focus on bedrooms resulting in a tiny kitchen – all is not lost.

Follow our clever design hacks and you’ll soon see – good things really can come in small packages.


Size isn’t everything

Ok, so not many people would say no to a palatial kitchen, complete with an island unit, seating and room to swing not one but at least 10 cats. But few homes offer this. Even new build properties, with a focus on modern open-plan living, are often guilty of scrimping on kitchen space.

So whilst a large kitchen may be the ideal, it’s also far from the reality. Which leaves us having to make the best of the area we do have.

And here’s how…


Small but perfectly formed

Ready to find out how to maximise your small kitchen? Here are 4 of our favourite tricks.


1.    Silence your inner squirrel

How many tins of soup does one household need? How many people are you feeding with all that dried pasta?

You don’t want a kitchen that constantly runs out of staples – but you also don’t need to hoard food. Not only does this take up valuable space, but we’ll bet you end up with food going past its ‘best before’ date too.

Create more storage and stop wasting money? Sounds like a neat trick to us.


2.    Use EVERY space

We all have that one awkward cupboard that’s either too narrow, too short or too deep. But when space is at a premium, it’s essential to let nothing go to waste.

Revisit the problem area and think about how you could make it work. Could you customise some shelving – adding another layer of storage? For a deep cupboard could you use trays or containers so you can easily lift out items at the front and reach the things you have stored at the back? For tall skinny cupboards, could you move baking trays, cooling racks and chopping boards and slide them into this spot, making more room elsewhere?

Whatever you decide to do – don’t ignore it. In a small kitchen every inch matters.


3.    Get organised

Assess your kitchen with a critical eye. What do you really need? Have you ever used that smoothie maker? Do you need six wooden spoons?

Be honest with yourself – and realistic about what you’re ever going to actually use! Once you cut back, you’ll find there’s more storage, meaning you can free up worktop space by tucking more items away.

And what does having more worktop space mean? You guessed it, you’ll feel like you’ve got a bigger kitchen and you’ll definitely have more room to serve and prepare food.

Once you’ve had a clear-out of your weird and wonderful collection of appliances, it’s time to reorganise how you store things. Prioritise the pole position cupboards for housing everyday items, to keep essentials within easy reach. Do this, and you’ll transform your kitchen into a practical and more user-friendly area.


4.    Be sneaky

Follow 1-3 and you’ll be well on your way to a more spacious feeling kitchen, but the tricks don’t stop at shopping habits and storage.

One of the best ways to upsize your small kitchen? Use colour.

Dark colours bring walls in, making the space feel smaller and more enclosed. Fight back at the illusion by using light, bright shades. Paint walls a light airy colour – white is great for this – and make smart choices with your cupboards and worktops.

Granite or quartz worktops, ideally with a touch of added sparkle, not only lift your kitchen but will trick the eye into thinking there’s more room than there actually is, by reflecting light and creating a more spacious, flowing feel.


One last tip…

We do have one more trick up our sleeve when it comes to getting the most out of small kitchens – make sure you’re maximising all your available worktop area.

At the Marble Store, we have a talented in-house team for whom no job is too big – or too small!

No matter how awkward your kitchen is, we’ll measure up even the tightest of spots and make sure you’re making the most of the space you have. Our skilled stone masons will then cut your chosen granite, marble or quartz worktop to size before our expert fitters return to professionally install it.

Why not browse our range of worktops now or get in touch with the team to find out more about how we can help to transform your small kitchen?


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