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Stone Italiana worktops

Stone Italiana worktops

Stone Italiana worktops, which come in a choice of 59 different, all equally beautiful and polished finishes, are available in three thicknesses – ranging from 20 mm through 30 mm up to 50 mm. They are produced within two states of the art facilities in Italy, with the original located in Zimella, near Verona, and the second facility being located in Villesse.

The available finishes range from plain white through a palette of pastel colours to yellow and orange through red, brown and blue into greys and black. Some finishes are very finely speckled while others include larger particles of varying colours to add even more interest to the already amazing finish.

In other words, whatever the decor of a kitchen, bathroom or even the reception area of a hotel, or any other kind of business may be, there is a suitable finish within the Stone Italiana range. Few other materials are this versatile in their application.

Stone Italiana quartz worktops consist of 92 to 93 per cent quartz and around seven to eight per cent polyester resin. This combination renders them not only non-absorbent but also extremely scratch and stain resistant. The hardness of quartz, which is only beaten by the hardness of topaz, corundum and diamond, also makes these worktops highly resistant to chips and cracks.

As a result, these easy-to-clean, hygienic worktops are particularly well suited for kitchens. Food can be prepared straight on the worktop, without a need for chopping boards. Any spills can be easily mopped up with nothing but a damp cloth and even substances easily staining other natural stone surfaces will leave no trace.

Although this type of material, like most other quartz-based materials, is also comparatively resistant to heat, it is advisable to use mats or trivets, rather than placing extremely hot pans or pots onto the worktop, in order to prevent potential heat damage.

Caring for the Stone Italiana worktops could not be easier. All they require to maintain their magnificent polished look for years is a regular clean with a solution of warm water and a little mild, preferably pH neutral detergent. After rinsing the worktop with fresh water, it simply has to be dried off to look like new every time. There is no need to polish the surface, as it will retain its polished finish just with the simple cleaning routine as described above.

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