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Stonemasonry jobs: why you should carve out a career in stone

Desk job not for you? Looking for something more rewarding, creative and hands-on? How about a job working with stone?

Stonemasonry jobs are varied, exciting and hugely fulfilling. As a skilled trade, once fully trained, you’ll be part of an elite group of highly sought-after professionals. It’s a career path with great earning potential and job satisfaction guaranteed.

Intrigued but not entirely sure what a stonemason’s role entails? Allow The Marble Store to explain…


What is a stonemason?

Simply put, a stonemason cuts and prepares stone, though the role involves so much more than this.

Using a wide range of materials – such as granite, marble, quartz, limestone, sandstone and slate – working as a stonemason can mean anything from stonework to repair ancient statues and historical buildings to crafting stone for headstones or kitchen worktops.


Why choose a career as a stonemason?

Stonemason jobs are often physically demanding but it’s not all about the muscle. A career in this field offers the opportunity to develop broader skills too. Including:

– Listening – essential if you’re to fully understand the needs of a client and make sure crucial information is accurately relayed between team members.

– Mathematics – the ability to interpret technical drawings and plans to ensure accurate stone calculations and measurements, are essential skills.

– Creative thinking and problem solving – whether a running repair or a structural problem with initial designs, as a stonemason you will be expected to use creative thinking to find effective solutions.

– Specialist tools – working with stone you will become proficient with a variety of specialist tools of the trade.


Stonemason roles

It’s not just the skillset that’s varied – so too are the specific roles available. Some of the most popular stonemasonry jobs include:

Stone fabricator

From rough stone slab to a vision of beauty. Stone fabricators cut, carve and gently sculpt granite, marble, or any stone, to craft a product to specific requirements and measurements.

Stone fitter

Do you prefer to get involved in putting the finished product together? Like the satisfaction of everything slotting perfectly into place? Then a career as a stone fitter could be right for you. Ensuring the crafted stone fits perfectly into its intended position and looks the part.

Stone polisher

Think granite is cut from the ground looking that fabulous and shiny? Unfortunately not. It takes time, skill, and a range of specialist tools, to smooth stone to that level of worktop worthy perfection – and this is the job of a stone polisher.


How to become a stonemason

As with all jobs, there are several routes you can take to become a stonemason.

There are no formal qualifications that must be obtained as a prerequisite for a career in stonework – but stonemasonry courses, such as an NVQ, can be an advantage.

One of the best places to start though is by gaining experience. This doesn’t have to be 100% specific to the role. Any labour-intensive position – for example on a construction site – will allow you to gain practical insight. This doesn’t just make you more favourable to prospective employers, it also helps you to suss out if this kind of career is right for you.

It can take several years to achieve the skills and knowledge required to become an accomplished stonemason, so an apprenticeship can be ideal. This approach offers a combination of on-the-job and class-based learning and is a great way to garner the experience needed to make it as a professional.


Start your new career with The Marble Store

Think a stonemason job could be the right fit for you? Then talk to The Marble Store.

Whilst we only accept the best candidates to be part of our team, we’re passionate about the craft of stone masonry and are always keen to develop new talent.

We offer a range of trainee roles. All you need is a love of stone, a willingness to learn and enthusiasm to be part of a great team.

If this sounds like you, find out more about stonemason opportunities we have available and get in touch today. Your new career could be just a click away.



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