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Stone Worktops: A Better Investment With a Unique Appearance

Granite Worktops

Adding worktops and tiles to the design of a new kitchen may save money in the short-term, but will ultimately prove to be more expensive than investing in marble, granite or composite worktops, quartz wall tiles or granite tiles.

There are several reasons for this: to begin with, cheap worktops and tiles will require much more maintenance than quartz worktops, quartz tiles or marble and granite worktops and tiles.

In addition to requiring polishing to maintain their sheen, cheap tiles or worktops are also likely to need resurfacing or replacing comparatively frequently, as a result of damages through chipping, scratching, cracking or staining caused by spills, moisture and heat.

Marble or granite worktops UK companies provide will only require resealing once in a blue moon (as will marble or granite tiles), while quartz composite products, such as Diresco worktops, never require resealing.

The hardness of granite tiles and marble and granite worktops UK homeowners can buy is only exceeded by that of quartz worktops and quartz wall tiles, making all of them virtually impossible to damage through cracking, chipping or scratching. High heat resistance ensures hot pans can be placed directly onto granite, marble or quartz worktops, something that would invariably cause permanent damage to cheap worktops.

Because a marble, coloured or black granite, composite worktop, or quartz worktop, is also non-porous and moisture resistant, staining will also be a thing of the past, even when corrosive liquids like vinegar, lemon juice or other liquids prone to cause staining are spilled. The smooth, cool surface of a composite worktop (quartz worktop), coloured or black granite and especially marble also makes a perfect surface to roll the pastry out on.

Due to the fact that no two slabs of natural stone ever look exactly the same, every black granite, coloured granite, marble or quartz worktop (composite worktop) is different. This ensures that each one of the worktops UK families select will be totally unique. The wide variety of colours and effects also ensures these worktops and tiles can be easily matched to any decor.

Get to know our choices of Stone Worktops at The Marble Store and start your home improvement today.

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