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Stone Worktops: Hard-wearing, Beautiful and Versatile Favourites

Natural Stone Worktops

Granite worktops, and obviously stone worktops in general, and natural granite or other stone tiles, are fast becoming a firm favourite for kitchen surfaces among homeowners turning their kitchen ideas into solid dream kitchen reality. There are many good reasons for natural stone tiles and stone kitchen worktops being so popular today.

First of all, granite worktops, like all other natural stone worktops, offer some extremely hard-wearing qualities. Unlike wooden kitchen worktops, natural stone worktops are almost impossible to damage. Kitchen surfaces, from flooring through splash-backs and other wall coverings to kitchen worktops, are heavily used and continually exposed to a lot of wear and tear. This quality is one of the main considerations when including stone tiles and worktops in kitchen ideas.

The kitchen worktop of most homes is typically used to cut, slice, mix and prepare meals and snacks; hot items are placed onto it straight from the stove or oven; drinks are made, mixed and dispensed on it, and more. A wooden or laminated kitchen surface will eventually succumb to this kind of use with cuts, scratches, chips and stains. A granite worktop or other stone worktop, on the other hand, will take the use for years without a single mark.

Granite worktops are highly scratch, cut, chip and heat resistant, making it possible to dice, cut or slice anything on natural quartz, marble or granite worktop without the risk of leaving marks. Hot articles will, unless they are extremely hot and left on the stone worktop for a long time, also not damage this kitchen surface.

Spills can easily ruin a wooden or laminated kitchen surface, especially if corrosive substances like vinegar or citric juices are involved. A sealed, polished granite worktop, marble kitchen worktop or quartz stone worktop, in comparison, will not allow the fluid to seep in.

Naturally, this makes a stone surface not only stain resistant, it also makes it a highly hygienic kitchen worktop, as bacteria build-up is subsequently also prevented. Finally, stone kitchen surfaces will fit in with any kitchen ideas, as they are available in many colours.

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