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Suggestions for the Use of Quarella ‘Negro Luciente’ Worktops

Quartz worktops are available in a plethora of finishes, meaning these comparatively cheap worktops lend themselves perfectly to the design of any kitchen, regardless of the style or decor employed to create the kitchen of any home owner’s dreams.

Negro Luciente, a black finish with brightly sparkling particles available within the range of Quarella worktops is the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. This finish looks particularly effective when combined with glossy white kitchen furniture and shining chrome appliances, although it blends equally well with light or even dark wooden furniture.

Using strategically-placed lighting, the sparkling effect can be highlighted, creating a look family, friends and neighbours will admire with envy. What’s more, because these worktops consist of approximately 95 per cent quartz and a minimum of resin, they are incredibly hard-wearing, meaning they will retain their shining beauty for many years with a minimum of maintenance.

Quarella Negro Luciente kitchen worktop

This material, like all quartz composite materials, is naturally also available in tile form, and using these tiles for splash backs, etc, will finish off the look of the new dream kitchen to perfection.

This finish will also create an elegant look when used to finish off a new bathroom, where it will create warm, easy-to-maintain elegance, or perhaps in commercial settings. The reception area of any modern company would without a doubt provide an impeccable first impression to visitors if a reception counter in this finish was combined with lots of chrome fittings, elegant indirect lighting to highlight the sparkling effect and black leather seating for visitors, for example.

Because composite worktops are not only extremely resistant to scratching, chipping, heat, frost, moisture and staining, but are also easy to clean and highly hygienic, they also make a perfect addition to deli counters in supermarkets, for instance. Here, too, they will provide stylish elegance that will last for years, even under constant, heavy use. Customers will delight in the appearance of such counters, while knowing that the food they purchase has been prepared for them under perfectly hygienic conditions, where the spread of bacteria has been made virtually impossible.

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