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Suggestions for using quartz worktops in your kitchen design

cimstone worktops

Many modern kitchens use black granite worktops to create that sleek, modern look. Often, the overall design is further enhanced by the use of black glass for splash panels and complementary tiles. There is no doubt that glossy white surfaces, black, shining worktops and sparkling chrome fittings offer an almost space-age ambience.

This kind of appearance can also be achieved with the help of the relatively cheap worktops consisting of quartz composite materials. Cimstone, for example, offers a stunning black finish, Savana, which incorporates fragments of a reflecting material that adds sparkle to the already elegant look of these tops.

Combining this magnificent finish with polished chrome fittings and lighting, perhaps adding a breakfast bar with chrome and black leather stools, or a chrome dining table with a black glass top and stylish chrome and black seating will have both family and friends coming back for a second helping.

In a similar vein, the red Recife finish in the Cimstone range of quartz worktops will also add a striking touch and a little warmth to a modern kitchen. Again, adding glass panels and furnishings in complimentary tones will heighten the overall effect.

Nevers, a greenish Cimstone finish with a texture of small to medium and occasional large pebbles, on the other hand, is the perfect addition to a kitchen with a natural, almost farm-like feel, or perhaps a bathroom with a jungle theme.

This could easily be achieved using this finish for vanity and counter tops, and combining them with animal print shower curtains and/or rugs, wicker furniture and perhaps a plant or two.

Another finish in this range, Cimstone Lapaz, features a texture of pebbles in varying shades and sizes and is perfect in combination with the dark wooden furniture often found in rustic kitchen settings. A Welsh dresser, a heavy wooden dining table with a corner bench or matching chairs and warm gold tones for fittings, lighting and so on will work perfectly with this earthy finish.

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