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Technistone Worktops

Technistone WorktopsTechnistone worktops consist of a combination of quartz particles and polyester resin, lending the finished product incredible harness and non-absorbent qualities unrivalled by any natural stone surfaces.

Available in four thicknesses, ranging from 12 mm and 20 mm to 30 mm and 50 mm, Technistone worktops are available in a choice of 53 different finishes. This includes a whole palette of gorgeous colours and unique patterns.

Combined with the high chip, crack and scratch resistance, the non-porous qualities and the resistance to a wide range of commonly used chemicals of the material, this varied range of finishes makes the Technistone worktops suitable for just about every possible environment.

From delicatessen counters to hospital surfaces, from reception areas of businesses to bathrooms or kitchens, Technistone worktops will transform ordinary surroundings into a classy, stylish environment, whatever the decor happens to be.

This material is, in fact, so durable, it can be used for wall and floor tiles, drainer grooves, under-mounted sinks, splash backs and up-stands. In short, wherever a durable, non-porous surface is required, Technistone offers a solution.

In the kitchen, these worktops can be used to prepare food without the need for extra protection through chopping boards, for instance. The worktop will not be damaged by kneading dough, beating steaks or even the use of knives. Spills will also not affect this hygienic, easy to clean surface.

Keeping this surface looking marvellous for years is incredibly simple. All it requires is for spills to be wiped up immediately and a regular clean with warm water and a mild household detergent. A quick rinse with fresh water and a wipe with a dry cloth will be all that’s needed to restore the surface to its original glory.

Bleach is generally not required, as the material is extremely stain resistant – but if it has to be used, it should be well rinsed afterwards to prevent dulling of the surface. Polishing will not be required, as the polished finish will remain beautiful for years by just following the basic cleaning routine.

A final word of warning, though: the material is extremely heat resistant, but to prevent accidental damage through hot pots or baking trays, it is best to use a trivet or perhaps a heat mat, just in case. It would be a shame to take the risk and damage this tough, beautiful surface through a moment of carelessness.

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