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The Advantages of Compac Worktops

Quartz composite worktops are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to granite or marble tops. First of all, quartz-based work and counter tops are even more hard-wearing than natural stone. This is due to the fact that the majority of these materials are manufactured using a minimum of approximately 95 per cent of quartz crystals, which are combined with colorants and other particles to create a whole range of effects and a high quality resin.

As a result of this process, composite tiles and tops are virtually completely non-porous and much harder than natural stone. Compac worktops and tiles, which are manufactured by Marmol Compac, a company with 30 years’ experience and a long-standing reputation for excellence, have an exceptional hardness, high impact resistance and minimal absorption, making them extremely resistant to abrasion, oils and acids. This, of course, makes them the perfect choice for both flooring and counter tops in high traffic, heavy use household environments.

Secondly, the available range of colours and finishes of these worktops makes it possible to find a finish to match any colour-scheme and design. The Compac range, for instance, consists of 72 different colours and effects. Available in four thicknesses, namely 12, 20, 30 and 50 mm (0.47, 0.79, 1.18 and 1.97 in), these colours/ effects come in honed, matt or polished finishes.

Compac Dim Gray Worktop

This contemporary kitchen design is made with Compac Dim Gray quartz composite stone.

Last but by no means least, these worktops are easy to fit and require only a minimum of maintenance. Cleaning Compac worktops and tiles is incredibly easy, with a simple wipe using water and a mild, pH neutral detergent being all that is required to maintain their elegant beauty. There is no need to polish or do anything else to restore the shine of this material.

Granite or marble tops typically require resealing once every two to three years, depending on the amount of use they are subjected to. Unlike these natural stones, resealing will not be required at any point during the lifetime of composite countertops or tiles, keeping maintenance at an affordable level throughout.

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