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The Advantages of Natural Stone and Composite Worktops

Black Granite Kitchen worktop


An increasing number of the worktops most homeowners purchase to upgrade their kitchens consist of natural or quartz composite stone. This is because marble and granite, as well as quartz worktops, not only, have a stylish, elegant look, they are also far more hard wearing than cheap worktops made from inferior materials. The same applies to natural stone or quartz wall tiles.

Black granite in particular enjoys extreme popularity, especially in combination with matching granite tiles, because it provides a warm, shining quality to any kitchen, may it be traditional or ultra-modern. Black granite and granite tiles will always set off a kitchen to perfection.

The sealed surfaces of marble and granite worktops and marble or granite tiles are incredibly hard, which makes them scratch and chip resistant. Marble and granite are also heat resistant, making marks left by hot pans placed absent-mindedly onto the surface (something quite common with cheap worktops) a thing of the past.

In addition, black granite, or any other colour granite or marble worktops UK owners may choose, are stain resistant and require very little maintenance. Regular cleaning with warm water and a pH neutral detergent and occasional resealing of the surface are all that is required to maintain worktops UK householders can be proud of for years to come.

Composite materials, such as Okite worktops and wall tiles, enjoy the same qualities, perhaps even to a greater extent. Because composite worktops consist of a mixture of quartz crystals, resin and a variety of other materials, depending on the required finishes, a composite worktop is even harder than granite or marble and does not require resealing of the surface at any point in time.

It is possible to cut food directly on a composite worktop without the risk of scratching the surface, and even spills of corrosive liquids, such as citric juices or vinegar will not stain the non-porous surface of a quartz worktop. In short, a composite worktop, or quartz worktop, is, without a doubt, a better investment than any cheap worktops.

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