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The All New Dekton Worktops


Dekton is an advanced blend of raw materials that are used to produce the very latest in porcelain, glass, as well as the finest quality work surfaces.

We are pleased to be able to present Dekton as an alternative to Quartz or Granite worktops. While a lot of worktop products are being held together by about 7 percent plastic-type resin; in Dekton worktops, the resin component has been dropped altogether.

This material was made through a sped up version of the metamorphic alterations that natural stones generally undergo when being subjected to pressure and extremely high temperatures for over a thousand years.


The minerals are then fused together by the pressure and heat, creating an extraordinarily compact ceramic-like stone; the perfect surface for kitchen worktops. The ceramic-hardness and density of Dekton surface makes it the most scratch-resistant worktop on the market. Though your steel knives won’t be able to scratch it, please still use a chopping board so as to avoid blunting all your best utensils.

Additionally, Dekton is also the most stain-resistant stone surface that is currently available in the market. Even the nastiest stains like coffee, wine, and rust can be easily removed from the surface. Also, no resin content means it can’t be damaged by organic solvents, and its ceramic characteristics mean that even the most common household chemicals like drain cleaners, bleach, or your oven degreasers won’t harm this amazing material.


Quartz contain resin which can eventually be deteriorated by ultraviolet light, making it incompatible for exterior uses, such as barbecue cladding and worktops. Dekton, on the other hand, is perfect for outdoors and in situations where there may be exposure to direct heat. For instance, hot pans can be directly placed onto the surface without leaving any charring nor cracking.

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