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The Beauty Of Silestone Worktops


Silestone has become the perfect choice for both bathroom and kitchen worktops over other conventional materials such as granite or any other natural stone.

Among the many characteristics which made this surface extremely popular, Silestone quartz worktops present utmost strength and durability both in kitchen and bathroom spaces where daily use is high, as well as the endless colour options that are available with this surface.

Furthermore, Silestone is the only one quartz surface with a staggering 25-year warranty, which enables you to put together a style or design that you want by utilizing its wide range of textures and colours.

With Silestone worktop, you can cover your entire walls, flooring, backsplash, and even the front or down-stand of your worktop. It is a sturdy material that can embrace its environment.


Why is Silestone the perfect material for worktops?

– It is a high resistance material to impact which allows flexibility in your kitchen when handling objects like pans and trays.

– Silestone is a virtually non-porous material that can resist even the toughest stain from wine, coffee, lemon juice and others daily products.

– Silestone, because it’s made of quality quartz, is extremely resistance to scratch.

– Quartz is one of the hardest materials in existence, which means Silestone worktops are really durable.


Aside from those things, Silestone kitchen worktops also hold exclusive properties that contribute to safety and hygiene to any space where we spend more time.

Silestone has become the surface of thousands of worktops all over the world, with its wide range of rich textures and colours, it creates unparalleled environment where you can exhibit your creativity. Your kitchen and bathroom can truly be a unique space when integrated with bespoke style, thanks to the beauty of Silestone worktops.

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