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The Benefits of a Stone Worktop

Polished Granite Worktop

The stone worktop, often combined with stone tiles for splash-backs and/or flooring, is a must have among today’s kitchen ideas. Regardless of whether marble, granite or quartz is chosen, a stone kitchen worktop and stone tiles will always provide the ultimate finish to and enhance the appearance of a kitchen with that elegant look of a highly polished kitchen surface.

The high quality granite used for stone worktops and stone tiles is quarried all over the world, from Africa to South America, Asia and Europe, and every stone worktop is unique, as no two slabs are ever the same. The range of colours available in granite worktops makes it possible to match a kitchen worktop to the design and colour of any kitchen, whether this involves traditional or ultra modern kitchen ideas.

While the potential cost of a stone worktop may be off-putting at first glance, these kitchen worktops should be regarded as a lifetime investment. The benefits of having granite worktops are, after all, not restricted to appearance alone. Natural stone kitchen worktops are exceptionally hard wearing. In addition to being virtually impossible to scratch, break or chip, a granite worktop is also highly heat resistant. Stone worktops, especially marble, also make excellent kitchen surfaces to roll out pastry.

The sealed surfaces of these kitchen worktops also make them highly hygienic and stain resistant. Even corrosive substances such as vinegar, for example, will not produce impossible to remove stains on a kitchen worktop if spills are mopped up immediately. Maintenance is minimal for all stone worktops. Regular cleaning of a granite worktop with pH-neutral cleaners will ensure every kitchen surface will maintain its beautiful, glossy looks for years to come.

Granite worktops may, depending on the intensity of use, require re-sealing from time to time, as do marble kitchen surfaces, while quartz kitchen surfaces will not require re-sealing at any point. Considering that a granite worktop will enhance the value of any home with a magnificent and unique kitchen surface with minimum maintenance, the investment should certainly be considered when contemplating kitchen ideas.

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