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The Benefits of Stone Worktops

Stone Worktops

Around the entire UK, including locations such as Manchester and London granite, marble and composite worktops (made from quartz particles and stone fragments set in ultra-hard resin and often referred to simply as quartz worktops) are growing in popularity.

Although cheap worktops can look extremely good, the worktops UK householders are prepared to pay for today are meant to improve the value of homes and last for more than a couple of years. Cheap worktops, and even high quality wood worktops UK families may fit into their kitchens, not only require high amounts of maintenance to maintain their appearance, they are also prone to damages through cutting, staining, and so on.

Marble and granite, however, require next to no maintenance and are extremely hard wearing. This also applies to quartz worktops, granite tiles and quartz wall tiles. The marble and granite used for marble or granite tiles and worktops is quarried in prime locations around the world (as is the quartz used for composite worktops) and prepared using specialist equipment in order to maintain the highest quality for every stone or composite worktop at all times.

The slabs for black granite worktops and matching granite tiles, for instance, are quarried in India (Star Galaxy variety), South Africa (Stargate Cosmos) and Zimbabwe (pure black granite). What all of these materials have in common are an incredible hardness, which makes them chip, crack and scratch resistant; moisture and stain resistance (the sealed surface of natural stone worktops makes them almost completely non-porous) and heat resistance.

The resin used in composite worktops, such as compac worktops and quartz wall tiles also makes this material non-porous, as well as removing the need to be resealed. This means quartz wall tiles or a quartz worktop will only ever need a wipe to maintain its elegant appearance while natural stone tiles and tops may require re-sealing after a few years of use.

Unlike cheap worktops, a marble, granite or quartz worktop (composite worktop) will never need polishing and, unlike wooden or other cheap worktops, a granite, marble or composite worktop (quartz worktop) will last almost forever.

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