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The benefits of upgrading your kitchen with a new worktop

Desperate for a new kitchen but struggling to justify the expense?

Then why not just update your worktop?

Not convinced it will work? Trust us, if you’re looking for a quick, low-cost way to transform your kitchen then changing your worktop isn’t just a good idea – it’s a great one.

Here worktop specialists at The Marble Store explain why.

6 reasons to update your worktop

1. It costs less

According to research from Checkatrade, the average cost for a full kitchen renovation is £11,500 – ouch!

But scale back your plans to only replace worktops and even for highly sought-after granite, you’re talking in the more pocket-friendly region of £950 – £1,400 for a 3m2 area. That’s a massive drop in price – what it isn’t though, is a compromise in quality.

Granite and other popular solid kitchen surfaces such as marble and quartz are some of the most popular (and durable) materials on the market. Change these and you can completely alter the appearance of your kitchen – at a fraction of the price you’d need to shell out for a full refurbishment.

2. It’s quick

What could be better than a great looking new kitchen without the eyewatering price tag?

One that’s quick and painless too!

Ask anyone what they dread most about getting a new kitchen and we’ll bet they answer, ‘the inconvenience’. Weeks (often longer) spent with your house upside down. Washing pots in the bath, living in dust and chaos, and surviving on microwave meals or the charity of friends and family.

It’s painful. So you’ll be relieved to hear that in comparison, replacing worktops is virtually effortless. At the Marble Store, we aim to fit new worktops in less than 10 days from templating, often within a week.

And once fitted, you’re done. New kitchen nailed, in a fraction of the time.

3. You’ll transform the look

Worktops are the crowning glory of kitchens, with the power to make or break the look. Country cottage vibes, industrial, uber modern, whatever aesthetic you’re trying to create, it’s your worktops that will play the biggest part in achieving it.

Opt for a white marble to make the space feel light and bright. Switch to a sultry granite with a glitter fleck running through for opulent glamour or pick on-trend quartz available in a wide range of colours.

Worried the rest of your kitchen will ruin the look? We’re confident it won’t. Typically, it’s old worktops that age a kitchen. Switch dated colours, chips and scratches for a strong, durable solid surface to instantly revive the look.

Don’t forget though, you can always go one step further whilst still keeping costs down by painting cupboard doors and changing handles. Simple (and cheap) but all effective ways to transform the look.

4. It could increase the value of your home

Housing agents,,  asked 34 estate agents, designers and property professionals from all over the UK about the home improvements they thought would most likely appeal to buyers.

The results? 60% of those in the know, rank durable and stylish worktops as a key selling point.

5. Create a more usable space

Always wanted a place to sit or a little more surface area for food prep and serving?

If one of your biggest drivers for a new kitchen is to create more room, it doesn’t have to mean ripping everything out to reconfigure the space. Instead, get smart with new worktops.

Replace your surface with a longer run to create an overhang at one end, add a couple of stylish stools and voila, a simple but effective breakfast bar.

If that won’t work in your kitchen, it might be possible to fit a small run of worktop to a redundant wall space giving you further seating and flexibility.

A little thought – and a little extra worktop – can go a long way!

6. Reduce maintenance

Want a great looking kitchen that stays that way and is easy to look after?

Swap old laminate or worn wooden worktops for a solid, hardwearing option like granite, marble or quartz and there’s no need to panic about dents, marks or stains. You’ll have a great looking kitchen that’s effortless to look after.

These materials work brilliantly as upstands and splashbacks too. Not only does this look great, but it also makes cleaning easy and helps to reduce ongoing maintenance – it’s a lot easier to wipe over a quartz splashback than it is to repaint surfaces or grout tiles.

Upgrade your worktops today

Excited to have found a way to revamp your kitchen without all the stress and financial strain. Then why wait a moment longer?

Shop the great selection of marble, granite and quartz worktops available here at the Marble Store. Find your favourite, and you could be enjoying your new kitchen sooner than you think.


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